Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Breakfast Time in Fun Toast (芳土司 (previously known as Kheng Nam Hong 琼南芳) @ One Raffles Place [Raffles Place MRT Station]

I confess - My cousin is the co-owner of this modern kopitiam situated within Singapore's central business district. This close relationship is the main deterrent factor for not visiting earlier.

In order to protect the integrity of my blog, i decided on the following:

1) i did not notify my cousin
2) i would only enter the shop if he is not around
3) i pay for my own food 
4) i would not accept any payment
5) i write my review without any input from others

Fair enough! And let's continue with the rest of this visit that took place one fine Saturday morning!

Kaya Butter Toast
Since the demise of my favourite Nam Heng, i have been trying to find an equivalent piece of kaya toast in the competitive traditional toast market. The popular "XXkun" doesn't really make the cut in my opinion.

When another cousin commented on Facebook (a long time ago) that Fun Toast serves good toast, i am skeptical. Frankly, i would never believe in what other people say until i try it myself.

Thin toast, flaky bite yet ended with a fluffy crunch that included the all-important homemade kaya and cold salted butter - this was way better than expected and definitely a good (not perfect) substitute for Nam Heng!

Coffee (Kopi)
Although fragrant, i find this cup of coffee with milk to be a tad too bitter.

Red Cane Leaf Drink
What i find more impressive is this red beverage called Red Cane Leaf!

It was bloody refreshing for the hot weather and was supposedly a local drink even though i have no inkling what the hell it was. The addition of diced up water chestnuts makes this homemade drink extremely delicious and according to TCM, cooling for the body!

Mee Siam
Now, i do love mee siam but there is a slight problem - i tend to get sick (diarrhea and fever) after having it.

The above conditions didn't stop me from ordering it whenever the craving starts and i was having that darned craving that Saturday morning in Fun Toast.

This was less "powerful" than most mee siams which tend to overburden the taste buds with heightened spiciness that often results in a numbing aftereffect. Less is not necessarily bad; in this case, i was actually able to taste the rich and robust gravy, which was so damn yummy!

If not for the watchful eyes of the protective mother, i would have gladly slurped up the rest of the gravy!


1 Raffles Place, #B1-13
One Raffles Place (Raffles Place MRT Station)

Kaya Butter Toast - S$1.60 (2 slices)
Coffee - S$1.20
Red Cane Leaf -S$2.00
Mee Siam - S$3.00

For the history and a more comprehensive menu, please click

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