Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birdz of Play @ Jurong Bird Park (裕廊飞禽公园), Singapore

Another water playground?!

Yes, i have the same sentiment although it's not hard to understand why commercial corporations are so keen to have them. It's a pity all of them are skewed towards kids from five to twelve years old!

Built at a cost of S$7 million dollars, Birdz of Play is similar to the Rainforest KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo, a tourist attraction that falls under the umbrella of Wildlife Reserves Singapore [which also manages Jurong Bird Park].

An obvious difference is the size; Rainforest KidzWorld is way bigger and provides a more holistic educational experience for children [horses, chicks, rabbits and even a replica of a kampong house].

The lack of big, towering trees in the area also means that the numerous water features look extremely enticing in the sunny weather! Guess i have to bring along my niece and cousin next time as an excuse to enjoy the playground in a more legitimate manner.

Not everything features water; a slightly smaller dry area is segregated for those who didn't have extra clothing but still wish to have some fun. 

A building (known as multi-purpose pavilion) within the compound is where you can do some expensive shopping, have a Ben and Jerry sundae and even play arcade games.

Most parents prefer to stay in the shade while keeping a watchful eye on their hyperactive kid(s)!

Surface can be hot! Wear your shoes/slippers at all times and prepare to laugh when visitors unknowingly stepped out of the water zone barefooted.

When i saw this, i could not help comparing it to the one in Singapore Zoo. With the exception of birds replacing animals in the design, there is so much similarity! Oh well, not that it matters much when most of us were already melting under the hot sun.

It's always enjoyable to see the humongous bucket in play.

If only i am situated right underneath it!


Map of Birdz of Play
As Above


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