Monday, April 16, 2012

Eggs & Berries (Breakfast Sets) @ Changi City Point Mall [Expo MRT Station]

Eggs and Berries - just the name is enough to arouse my curiousity on its offerings. And of course, the first thing that came to my mind was "is this an all-day breakfast eatery, like wild honey?".

I wasn't that far from the truth although unlike Wild Honey, which serves specific breakfast sets from countries, Eggs and Berries offers typical English Breakfast with mainly meat variation.

"Chic and Chirpy" is the concept for this newly opened restaurant and you have your pick of indoor or outdoor seating. We had no choice; there was no available table within the indoor section!

Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup
It used to be really hard to find a bowl of delish mushroom soup that boasts of generous amount of earthy mushroom bits but it's no longer the case in recent times.

Having said that, this bowl of mushroom cream soup was pretty good in my honest opinion.

Steak & Eggs
Instead of toasts, you are given the choice of either fluffy butter milk pancakes or rice. To really enjoy the breakfast theme, i chose the hot and freshly-made pancakes.

As with any ang mo pancakes, the sauce/syrup is a basic ingredient. In eggs and berries, three bottles in a basket would be placed in front of you; chocolate sauce, maple syrup and raspberry sauce. You could mix all three and even empty one full bottle if you want. p.s. Wastage is not encouraged!

Now coming to the main - the medium steak was alright and the same goes for sunny side up (choices of over-easy, scrambled, poached are available). Essentially, a disappointing lack of surprise!

Salmon & Herbs Sausage and Eggs
As you can confirm from the above, the sides are the same for this menu category under "Meat & Eggs". For something more special, you can try the "Specials (duh)" or "Sinful Menu".

Although this was tagged as "signature dish", both Alex and myself were put off by the richness of compacted salmon in the sausage! Gosh, salmon meat should never be used as fillers!


5 Changi Business Park Central 1,
#01-37/38, Changi City Point

Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup - S$4.70
Steak & Eggs - S$13.80
Salmon & Herbs Sausage and Eggs - S$9.70
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]


Additional Information
Compared to Wild Honey, the prices at Eggs & Berries are more comfortable albeit with the lack of surprise element. However, i would be back for the delicious looking waffles and crepes!

For the menu, please check out the two pictures above. Do note that prices are subject to changes and likewise for the items on the menu.

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