Friday, April 06, 2012

Cornerstone Western Fusion Restaurant @ Bishan Park 2 [Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park]

The newly renamed Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park has been in the news recently after a major revamp that sees the transformation of its huge, concrete canal. 

But my story today touches on more basic stuff than the mental relaxation required by many city people. This basic yet necessary 'stuff' is food (yes, what else could it be?!).

Cornerstone is a Western fusion restaurant located right within the park and came strongly recommended by my cousin who was infatuated with its edible offerings.

As i stepped into the air-conditioned restaurant, i could feel the desirable sense of comfortability that was amplified by the natural sunlight streaming through the glass windows.

This would be a great place to have some tea and read a book! Unfortunately, the park is well known to be popular with families and reading a book can be frustrating with screaming kids.

An outdoor section is available for those who prefer the great outdoors and i could envision its coziness as sunlight slowly gives way to moonlight.

Enough is enough! Let's begin with food!

Level 5 Buffalo Wings
Should have ordered the highest level ten although these wings still manage to generate some extreme reactions from my body.

Peppery to the thousands of taste buds, numbing spiciness to whatever tender surface it touches on (be it the lips, the tongues), and the uncontrollable sweating from the hair pores - despite all of these, i could not help loving the extraordinary effects it had on me.

Charcoal Grill Hokkaido Squid
This was given the thumbs-up by Cousin Joie [known as Meixin to most of us]. Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, the grilling was not perfect, resulting in both top and bottom ends to be really charred and beyond normal consumption.

Middle portion, being meatier, was the saving grace; the white pinkish flesh was of the optimal texture that wasn't too hard nor too rubbery.

Beer Batter Fish N Chips
Yummy! Totally enjoyed the crusty beer batter exterior that showed hints of bitterness and the smooth, moisture-laden fish meat that went extremely well with tartar and chilli sauce!

Best Ever Burger
Given such a name, it has a big shoe to fill in. When it comes to burgers, i would always make comparison to De Burg Decadence, the best burger i ever have.

I have to be fair - the 'buns' were unique and actually tasted really good on its own. The minced beef patty, mixed with herbs, was juicy even though it lacked the compacted feel that some people would love to have in burgers.

As a whole, it is definitely not the best ever burger for me.

Earl Grey Jivara
Without even knowing what Jivara is, we were just hoping that this would turn out to be something at least one of us would take.

We heaved a sigh of relief when this was placed on our table. A chocolate cake is much easier to manage than having some bizarre desserts challenging your taste buds and brains.

Frankly, we were expecting some hot chocolate lava to flow out upon contact. It didn't happen.

This was marvellously good although i don't considered myself a chocolate lover - outside is a delicious layer of chocolate fudge followed by a denser yet mildly sweetened chocolate mousse filling on an airy chocolate sponge dotted with chocolate pops!

Wait, where's the earl grey?


1380, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1,
Bishan Park 2 [known as Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park]

As above [red star]. Parking lots are limited and it might be better to park at the housing estates nearby. Having said that, do check out the car park near Acacia restaurant first. You might be lucky.

Call 6554-7230

Level 5 Buffalo Wings - S$16
Charcoal Grill Hokkaido Squid - S$16
Beer Batter Fish N Chips - S$18
Best Ever Burger - S$15
Earl Grey Jivara - S$10
[Subject to Service Charge. No GST]

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