Sunday, January 29, 2012

Play Fireworks in nearby Bintan Island - Something You Can Never Do in Singapore

Coming from a country where fireworks are off-limits to general public unless with a permit from the relevant authority, the above rack display in a mini-mart of a beach resort in Bintan (Indonesia) attracted my curiousity instantaneously!

Since it is the period of celebration (being Chinese New Year) and Alex had never played with fireworks, we decided to purchase and try out two types of fireworks at night; Pluto (at 200,000 rupiah or S$28) and ThunderClap (at 250,000 rupiah or S$35).

It's obvious from the clear plastic packaging that Pluto has four rockets. For ThunderClap, it was indicated as 20 pcs on the box but it would be more accurate to say 20 packs as each pack has 3 mini rockets!

Before we began this unprecedented journey (at least for Alex since i did play with fireworks in my youth), there is one very important item required to get this going.

A pack of cigarettes that cost me S$3.

Just in case you thought i am going to smoke, i would like to assure you that it is definitely not the case! I have quitted casual smoking for ten years and have no intention to retake the smelly butt.

The purpose of the lighted cigarette butt is simple - we need it to light the fireworks. Matchsticks and lighters are of no use when you are facing the sea breeze and no one in their right mind will bring incense sticks on holidays!

This is yet another important component - stick this into the sand so that it can act as a launch pit for the rockets. You may stick the rocket in the sand (i did initially) but it may fail to take off into the sky. Safety is the key word here.

These are the minor injuries i got as 'presents' from playing fireworks that day.

Lighting these consumer fireworks is an easy chore although caution must be exercised in order not to hurt bystanders and yourself. For example, don't hold the fireworks in your hand!!!!

Step back at least one or two meters after the wick starts to sparkle.

Watch in amazement as it successfully shoots into the black, starry sky! Oops, i spotted a safety issue here; don't place those new, unused fireworks so near to the launching pad!

The burst from these consumer fireworks was definitely not comparable to those we catch on television but the exhilaration of firing them yourself is confirmed to be more fulfilling. And exciting!

Even scaredy-cat Alex gave it a few tries! And no doubt, he counts this part of the overseas trip as his most memorable.

This was me launching the ThunderClap which was named due to the irritating loud noise and bright spark emitted at the end. It was cheaper although not as fun and as beautiful as Pluto.

For a more entertaining experience, buy the 'wonderful' at an estimated cost of almost S$60! Only a one-time action is necessary; lighting it.

49 shots would follow shortly, each with a different effect that would mesmerise any young Singapore kid. I would strongly recommend this for families with younger children.


  1. Hi, may I know which resort did you get the fireworks from?

  2. Hi Daphne,

    I bought them from the resort i stayed in; bintan cabana. You may read more about the resort at

    Merry Christmas!


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