Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Pork Porridge @ Chong Pang Hawker Centre

I am missing the pork porridge from Clementi Central but i could not satisfy my fix for the past two days as the hawker centre was closed for mandatory cleaning maintenance!

Now that i am feeling sickly, the thought of slurping a bowl of Chinese congee is extremely comforting and would definitely do some good to my weak body!

But i am located too far from Clementi today (on medical leave again =_=), my only option is this stall from Chong Pang food centre. *actually i wanted to try another nearby stall that seemed quite popular but it's sadly closed*

This picture does not accurately portray the huge portion! At S$2.80 with egg, this will be quite worth the price if the food turns out to be good.

Broth wise, it was alright with a savoury flavour that unfortunately did not really catch me by surprise. There's no comparison at all to Soon Lee's porridge which has a more robust flavour or one which i can confidently say 'with more kick'!

The killer is the pork balls.

Killer in its literal form please; the pork balls totally destroyed the dish in my opinion. To put matters right, i am a person who hates the sandy, disgusting taste of liver. And i can obviously pick it up from the pork balls.


Not sure of its unit number except that it is very near to Bee Kee Cooked Food. I don't even remember a stall name!

Block 105, Yishun Ring Road,
Chong Pang Food Centre (CPFC)

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