Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pork Satay (猪肉沙爹) @ Xu Zhong Xing, Chong Pang

Once upon a time, this local delicacy known as satay had only the mutton (kambing) and chicken (ayam) meat versions. When the Chinese started selling satay, they included another meat frequently used for their meals; pork!

When i first had pork satay (back in my young days), it was nice but not as nice as mutton satay! Mutton has that special wild taste that becomes more flavourful when grilled over charcoal!

However, everything changes when i tried the pork satay in Xu Zhong Xing (旭忠興)!

The marination was so damn perfect with the right amount of tumeric sweetness and most importantly, no hint of the porky taste i hate!!!

Marination aside, one key element for a perfect stick of pork satay is the noticeable charred bits that are in fact, juicy pork fats! That's the most desirable portion!

A good bowl of peanut curry is essential for the overall satay experience and i have to said i really enjoy this kind of traditional satay curry! Don't really fancy those with pineapple! 


Stall 01-177 
Chong Pang Hawker Centre 

Between 45 (S$0.45) and 60 (S$0.60) cents a stick. 

Additional Information
In the past, the wait was bearable but nowadays, a normal wait can be as long as 40 minutes on weekends!! It's strongly recommended to go on a weekday (like Monday)!

Typical of some hawker stalls that sell different items in a day, Xu Zhong Xing sells porridge in the morning and satay is only available in the evening!

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