Monday, July 25, 2011

Mary Had A Little Lamb (Lamb Chops) @ Buckaroo B.B.Q And Grill

I love it when people thought of creative titles to name a dish. In this case, a simple lamb chop was renamed to 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'.

There's a problem though; Mary loves her lamb (at least as a pet in the nursery rhyme) whereas i am more interested in its chops.

Anyway, i am at Buckaroo BBQ and Grill once again to partake on this dish that i unfortunately missed out on my last visit.

Buckaroo never seems to change in my years of patronage - which is not a bad thing as i like that nostalgia feeling.

Compared to the small, pathetic lamb chops sold in many places, these Buckaroo babies were chunky thick. At roughly 350 grams, this may look like a really, really good deal if you are paying at hawker prices.

Prepared with garlic and lemon grass, the tender meat of baby sheep was juicy with a lighter gamey flavour more acceptable for some of us. Although the mint sauce did a great job in enhancing the taste, i could not help but notice that it was not as pleasurable as i remember.

Well, nothing's lost! The baked potato might look normal at first glance - just like those offered in Jack's Place. What's different and yet caught me by surprise was the use of high quality pungent cheese hidden deep within!

It was as smelly as goat cheese but like smelly tofu, i found this superbly irresistible!


12B, Andrews Avenue
(Map taken from the namecard)

Additional Information
Special items not on the menu are prominently displayed on this huge placard. Mr Kon might be tempted to give the Porky Journey To The West a try - pork knuckle with a complementary glass of white wine!

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