Friday, July 15, 2011

Roasted Chicken Rice (烧鸡饭) @ Eng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice - Hiap Hoe Eating House

With mom busy with her confinement duties at my sister's house, i am no longer blessed with a table full of home cooked food when i return from a tiring day at work.

Mostly, i will satisfy my dinner at Hiap Hoe Eating House since it is quite near to the train station. My usual order is horfun but one fateful day, the craving for chicken rice proved to be absolutely unbearable.

Seeing a chicken rice stall a few meters away, i bypassed the usual tze-char stall for a better look.

The official accolades by Makansutra were assuring enough for me to immediately order a plate.

At S$2.50 a plate, the owner was definitely not stingy to provide a generous serving of thick, chunky meat.

The amount of oily sauce poured onto the rice can only be described as a big no no by many cardiologists. But it's exactly this greasy product that spiked up the delicious factor!

Protein wise, the meat was not the smooth, solid type that is more common with white chicken. I am okay with that since any bland chicken meat will be greatly enhanced by the oil anyway.

I am more particular with the roasted skin! This was a bit too fattening for me although the advantage was that each mouthful of rice (with the skin) was juicier and left a greasier yet fulfilling aftertaste that made a sinful meal so worth it!


I am now a regular customer!

Block 747, Yishun Street 72,
(Walking distance from Yishun MRT Station)

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