Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Delicious Pork Porridge (猪肉粥) @ Soon Lee Porridge (顺利), Clementi 448 Market and Food Centre

When it comes to Chinese congee, there are two distinct styles - the grainy, fluid gruel that is usually standalone with side dishes and the mushy, more solidified type that has all the ingredients included within.

Today, let me introduce to you this particular porridge stall at Clementi Central hawker centre; Soon Lee. It was purely a spontaneous visit as i have been gaining weight recently (bane of ageing) and thought i should have a lighter meal for dinner.

What i didn't expect was an over 20 minutes wait!

It's okay. Kind of satisfying to see a bowl of porridge on almost every table surrounding me. At least i am assured that the taste should not be THAT bad. 

For this kind of 'thicker' porridge, it's common for me to ask for inclusion of a raw egg. This 100% protein food has an obvious effect on the overall texture and makes the porridge extremely comforting to eat.

Mixing is essential of course! Have i neglected to mention that i ordered minced pork porridge? Though fish is healthier, the lure of fattening pork was just too hard to resist.

I may not be a porridge guru but i have eaten enough to know that no other stall in Singapore uses deep fried pork lard in their porridge!

It might have some nuance effect on the overall taste although on its own, the four or five pieces of pork lard weren't exceptionally good.

These balls of minced pork were another story - they were full of savoury goodness, helped no less by the strings of fatty tissues well-liked by many Chinese! I had to leave them for the last and finish them all at one go for that final orgasmic fulfillment!

In conclusion, this is a damn flavourful congee! I believe i might be a frequent patron now that mum is permanently stationed at my sister's place.


Block 448, Clementi Food Centre,
(金文泰448熟食中心) Clementi Ave 3,
Stall No # 01 -50

S$2.50 for one bowl without egg
S$2.80 for a bowl with egg

Additional Information
Closed on Sundays!


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM


    I am writing on behalf of the Centre for Liveable Cities based out of the Ministry of National Development.

    I hope to use the image of the food centre for a report we are publishing. Sadly the food centre is now under renovation so we cannot take the picture on our own. :(

    I can't find your contact info on the blog.
    Could you contact me at for more details?



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