Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pâtisserie Glacé - Fruits Crepe Birthday Cake for Joyce (from Icon Village)

Though i love sweet stuff, i seldom crave for cakes and could hardly manage more than one slice. This is in stark contrast to my amazing younger sister who could devour half a kilogram cake in one seating!

The word "seldom" is used because a few years ago, my sisters bought a damn delicious cake for my birthday. It was so memorable - i can still vaguely 'taste' that weird combination of egg crepe and lightly fragrant cream on my lips.

Strangely, i could never get the name of the bakery right. Glaze? Claze? Gaze? Pâtisserie Glacé. Gosh, i doubt i could even pronounce it correctly!

Frenchy words but Glacé actually specialises in authentic Japanese pastries.

Unlike most cakes that are covered with cheese, cream or fondant, this simply decorated cake is tightly wrapped with a layer of crepe! Is that even impossible in the first place?!

Rubbing my hands with glee, i almost could not wait for my sister to slice the cake (it was her birthday!). My taste buds had waited so long to reminisce that unique sensation!

Look at that thick, chunky middle layer of Bavarian cream. Stuck within were pieces of fruits like mandarin orange, peach and pear - each providing a different burst of flavour!

To tell you the truth, the sponge did not have that airy, soft bite i remembered so well even though the light Bavarian cream with its custard-like texture continued to marvel me.

Sighz, i should have gone to my sister's place immediately upon collecting the cake!


12, Gopeng Street,
#01-33/34, Icon Village

Additional Information
Where the heck is icon village? It's in close proximity to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Check out the map i took from streetdirectory.com.

For more information on Pâtisserie Glacé (offerings, pricing and location of other outlets etc) and pictures of their mouthwatering pastries, please click http://cakeglace.com/.

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