Friday, July 29, 2011

Lower Peirce Reservoir Park (贝雅士蓄水池下段) - A Leisure Walk

You should not be surprised to find another post from me on Singapore's reservoirs!

Besides providing the all-important blue gold (aka water) for us, reservoirs are great places for me to unwind, especially during stressful work periods like now.

Not all reservoirs are the same though; the older ones have a natural, comforting feel to it while the newer ones look more like any typical town parks.

Surrounded by trees that could be older than any of us, Lower Peirce Reservoir is naturally the right choice for me to relax.

Due to the launch of the Ang Mo Kio Heritage Trail, these bright red structures were installed to give a better insight to the history of this mature reservoir.

The stretch featured many times by Mediacorp; especially in scenes where lovers met for their rendezvous.

Another view that shows you the length of this popular track.

From far, this looks like some kind of pavilion where you can either find a stone table to play chess or a small stage for school band concerts.

This stone plaque explained it all; waterworks. Not like i know what the heck it really encompasses except for water purification machinery with terms that totally have no standing in my brain.

Before i advance any further (Cavin has always had a curious mind), let me give you a piece of information. Lower peirce reservoir used to be called kallang river reservoir! Okay, not exactly useful information but at least it can help you for trivial competitions with your friends.

Anyway, it's a pavilion alright. Just that metal parts are protruding out of the base of this beautiful structure.

Humans are barred from entering and there's a CCTV in use. This picture is taken through the metal grilles. Cavin is never known to be a rebel when it comes to law and order. A true blue obedient Singaporean aka as the type who doesn't need to repent (with reference to the recent election).

A classical weather vane on top of the pavilion with the East missing! I have not seen many of these in Singapore for a long time.

View of the park from the pavilion.

A speedboat for the use of Nparks employees i guess. If i remember correctly, such jetty used to hold cycling boats that visitors can pay for half an hour or so. Those boats were usually disguised as swans and were the rage back in the 70s and 80s!

Shelters that dotted the park. Doesn't it look like a corset-shaped umbrella? It definitely has some Victorian-era feel to it.

Coupled the Victorian design to this elderly gentleman who was playing the accordion! The music was so soothing and the atmosphere was so relaxing! For that moment, i felt that i can just sit opposite him and hear him play till he packs up.

I bet this tired out jogger was feeling the same way.

This area is still popular with loving couples although it has been designated as the fishing ground with frightening fish hooks flying around!

Kite-flying seems to be everywhere nowadays at places with some open space. Strangely, i don't have the urge to do so even though i used to enjoy it in my pre-teens.

Ah-ha! Who should we blame whenever we see litter strewn around the dustbin? Foreigners? Hell no! Never assume unless you have seen it with your own eyes! The culprits are those pesky monkeys!!

Want to know what these two kids were preoccupied with? The answer shall be revealed in my next few posts!


Map is taken from If you need some food or drinks, lower peirce reservoir is quite near to casuarina road that has biscuit king and casuarina curry (roti prata).

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