Friday, July 08, 2011

Aftermath of Rubee's Passing - Rubee's Corner

It seems like a long time has passed since my best pal moved up to the blissful land where he can eat as many durians as he could without any potential health risk.

Truth is, it is only a month plus a day after i made that painful decision to euthanise him.

Time does dilute pain, suffering and some times, even memories - both good and bad. Work plays an important part as well; it forces you to put aside any personal matter because YOU ARE responsible to your stakeholders.

Thing is; life goes on, regardless of what happens.

The weekend following Rubee's demise, i bundled up his possessions into a bag and donated it to Animal Lovers League - a non-profit organization that houses abandoned pets.

His ashes were collected back a few days later and the porcelain urn was kept beside the television since he had always been afraid of silence and did not enjoy being holed up in a fully enclosed space.
With the ongoing redecoration work in my room, i am finally able to squeeze out a corner that would rightfully belong to Rubee. This is something i promised him a few years ago.

And i am glad to be able to fulfill it.

Deep inside my heart, i know i miss hugging him and i seriously hope that with his ashes so near to me, i can occasionally feel him. Unlike Alex, i have not had the luck to feel Rubee's presence.

Unfortunate indeed.
For me.

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