Friday, December 24, 2010

Misty Fairy Land along PIE (Pan Island Expressway), Singapore

Fairy Territory?
along PIE

There's this particular stretch of road along Pan Island Expressway (PIE) that i will always look out for whenever i drive Alex to work.

With forest and HDB flats beyond the huge green field, it is an expansive, panoramic view that provides a really normal picture you can see in Singapore most of the times (over 70% of Singaporeans live in public housing)!

However, in the early morning when the sun rises not too long ago, there will likely be a blanket of morning mist enveloping the area.

A lover of fairy tales, i find the whole picture to be really mystifying and wonder if there will be any fairies or mythological creatures playing in the mist, not noticeable by the untrained human eye.

It's good to imagine! Especially when adult life can be really tiring.  

*pictures taken by passenger! it's dangerous to take pictures when driving!*

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