Friday, October 01, 2010

Ah Chew Desserts (阿秋甜品) @ Liang Seah Street, Bugis

Whenever i walked to Liang Seah street to satisfy my steamboat cravings, this dessert shop never failed to attract my attention with a perpetual long queue at the counter!

The chance to try it finally came after a filling lunch at Zhong Hua Steamboat on a slower weekday!

With two shop spaces side by side that have vastly different furnishings, we were lucky to get seats at the one with oriental decorations!

Truthfully, i wasn't blown away by the traditional Cantonese desserts offered; they were okay but not extraordinary to demand a long queue.

My order was cold watermelon with sago that tasted watered down and less sweet than the Singapore's version. 

My friends didn't make much comment on their black sesame pastes with glutinous balls and white fungus with papaya and almond; an assumption i presumed were not impressionable.


Home made tau suan
Maybe i am too accustomed to Singapore's own desserts like Tau Suan, Cheng Tng, Ice Kacang, Chendol etc but given another opportunity (meaning short or even better, no queue), i might try Ah Chew again (the other items on the menu of course)!

1 Liang Seah Street
#01-11 Liang Seah Place
(Closed on Monday)

Click the above picture for a bigger yet slightly fuzzy view!

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