Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Too Much Luggage?

Those who are connected to me by Facebook might remember a status i updated back in Bangkok.

You will never fully understand the intense anxiety and panic i get whenever i sense a virtual "overweight" sign above my baggage!

And we all know how misery budget airlines can be with the check in luggage limit; in the case of jetstar, only 20 kilograms (KG) per person!

Mind you, every one KG in excess constitutes a payment of 600 baht (roughly S$30)!!

There's no way i can check the weight of my luggage in the hotel and this is bloody frustrating!

Thank god for this digital weighing machine in Suvarnabhumi airport!

Well, you have to pay for its usage but what's 10 baht compared to a potential charge that could run up to thousands of baht?!

Although i was comforted that we were within the limit, the mother had an additional bag that might be too big to hand carry into the tiny plane.

Having said that, we were prepared to tear open the many bags of food (bought by Mom) and ate them within the three hours before boarding!

Fortunately, things were not so extreme! The pretty lady in the check in counter allowed us to check in the additional luggage even though the maximum limit was breached!

Limit : 40 KG for two persons
Actual : 43.5 KG!

I was so grateful i almost wanted to kiss her!
Didn't do it because i am shy. :)

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