Saturday, August 07, 2010

Zhong Hua Steamboat (中华火锅,拉面) @ Beach Road (Liang Seah Street)

After that not so satisfying steamboat at Xian De Lai along Liang Seah Street, i was compelled to visit House of Steamboat again!

Alas, luck was not with us!

The restaurant was undergoing some renovations and the very considerate staff actually advised us to come another day as dust was flying all over the place!!

See! Another point for such considerate service!

Anyway, yesterday marked the first time i walked up and down Liang Seah street 3, 4 times in order to source for an alternative steamboat venue!

Eventually we settled for Zhong Hua Steamboat although it was pretty pricey for a lunch steamboat.

Two reasons for selection: One, it has an air-conditioned area and the weather was so hot! Two, other steamboat restaurants were quite empty except for this one.


One thing i like about this place; everything was displayed neatly. Even the sauce bar! However, they could do with some labeling. I thought salt was sugar!

Almost had acute blood pressure explosion!!

Fresh, leafy greenies! On one hand, I personally thought their vegetables section was limited in their offerings. On the other hand, eating vegetables is so not worth it when we pay buffet price!

These were more appealing for the stomach with golden needles mushrooms (金针菇), abalone mushrooms (鲍菇), apparently very nice corn cobs (Joshua had 4-5 of those) and even Korean rice cakes (uncooked)!

Seafood section! I love a particular fish meat they had! Besides prawns, scallops, crabs etc, cuttlefish was also available to give your soup that special oceanic flavour!

Don't you love balls?

Quite a big variety with the likes of fish balls, prawn balls, mushroom balls, sotong balls, meat balls and even my favourite fuzhou fish balls (the type that squirts out delicious meat juice when you sink your teeth in)!

Awwww. The carnivore in me was so happy to see this! Fresh with no special marination. Yummy!

Fancy some carbohydrates instead?

One couple, Stella and Matt, once taught me to add in ee mian to my steamboat and i have to tell you, it's much better than beehoon or other types of noodles!

Left Section > Thai Tom Yam
Right Section > Korean Kimchi

Left Section > Sichuan Ma La
Right Section > Special Soup

Each soup was so distinctive in their taste and flavour! I hereby proclaimed that these were better soup bases than House of Steamboat and Xian De Lai!

Trays of raw food, constituting only a small proportion of what we had!

Too lazy to cook your own damn meal? Not to worry! Have your take of fried bee hoon, chilli prawns, fried buns and dumplings!

A box of tissue was placed on each table at no charge at all! Compare that with most restaurants that will either charge you 30 cents for a pathetic packet or 40 cents for a pack of wet tissue.

Free flow of drinks!!! Pepsi, 7-up, orange, water chestnut, lime juice and the beloved root beer!!! The ultimate reason why i would patronise Zhong Hua again!


95, Beach Road,
#01-01, Creative House
(End of Liang Seah Street)

Lunch and Dinner (Monday-Thursday) - S$17.90
Lunch and Dinner (Friday-Sunday and Public Holidays) - S$18.90

Subject to 7% GST and only 3% Service Charge.

Additional Information
For the adventurous, do consider the unique soup bases like local laksa and Singapore satay.

With a small air-conditioned area that may not be able to accommodate a bigger crowd in the evening, you may want to consider the bigger outdoor section.

The famous non-airconditioned Chong Qing Steamboat is located right next door! Hence, Zhong Hua Steamboat is super duper crowded at dinnertime!

Take Note!!


  1. Anonymous2:47 AM

    this is the one with nice curry crab sauce to go with ya food :P

  2. yes mr kon!! We should go there next time. Or maybe try another one for comparison sake! (and i can blog about it too)! hehe.

  3. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Hey, any phone number for making reservation?

  4. Yes! 6337-1655! Not sure if the number is still valid or not. :)

  5. Hi

    Can check with you, do their service charge is only 3% not 10%?

    I went Chong Qing Steamboat (next door) last week. Its now $20 on weekends. Not that crowded Zhong hua more people.

  6. I went quite a long time ago and there could be some adjustment to its pricing.

    Chong Qing is non-aircon right? With the weather we have nowadays, air con is a need and that could explain why zhong hua is more popular.

    By the way, there is another branch nearby (walk across and go towards the direction of bugis junction) with aircon as well!

  7. Anonymous12:14 PM


  8. service is very important although i cannot really confirm. my last visit was quite a while ago!

  9. Hi any idea what is the price now?

    1. Sorry, no idea at all as it has been so long! You may call 6337-1655 to find out although i am also not sure if the number is still valid or not.


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