Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fish-Head Steamboat (鱼头炉) @ Nan Hwa Chong (南華昌亚秋)

A self acclaimed fish lover (not the ornamental type that are mostly not edible), Mum would have loved this for its extra advantage of being perpetually hot!

That is before the soup or charcoal runs out!

Chancing upon this place when we were looking for the re-located Ah Biao Wanton Mee, we were amazed to find a coffee shop with full occupancy!

There were even more tables set up right OUTSIDE the shop to handle the crowds!

I don't really crave for fish head steamboat (鱼头炉) but this place looked so popular, we had to try to know how good it really is.

Scanning the small placard known as The Menu, we saw a lot of zi char dishes! Guess it's a wise choice to widen the range of dining selection and most importantly, to earn additional revenue.

Four different types of fish were available for ordering; pomfret, red snapper, grouper and song fish. The price varied according to your choice of the fish and the serving size (small, medium, large).

Medium with the choice of pomfret was selected!

Powered by traditional fuel (charcoal), the savoury seafood freshness was apparent in every spoonful of soup and no complaints on the pomfret, which was chopped into manageable sizes.

After a while, we suspected the savouriness of the soup may have come from the pieces of this salted fish look-a-like scattered in the soup and 'heavily' suspected that MSG was used.

It's not enough with just the fish-head steamboat!!! It will not be satisfying in any way!!! Hence, we had the following! :P

Pork Chop (南乳花肉)
Nicely sliced, they were quite nice although not exactly the type of cooking style i preferred.

Tasted like normal gulu rou without the sauce!

Stir-Fried Kai Lan (芥兰)
Common like many other eateries.

Special Homemade Beancurd
Similar to the tofu i had in Uncle Leong, the ones here had slightly more greens within the soft interior.

It would have been better if sweet sauce (in Uncle Leong) was used instead of the thai sweet chilli sauce.

Salted Egg Pork Ribs
To me, these were just a more salty version of butter pork ribs!

I quite enjoyed them since i am a big fan of butter stuff like BUTTER CRABS!


Not in the same league as my mom's generation when it comes to Fish-Head Steamboat, i shall bring my mom the next time to satisfy her own cravings and also to give a more objective opinion.

Need to also try the shrimp paste chicken and fried shrimp roll that were on most tables! 

814 North Bridge Road
(Cornering the start of North Bridge Road and Sultan Road, the shop was located directly opposite Textile Centre)

Quite near to The Concourse building

Medium Steamboat with Pomfret - S$35.00
Pork Chop (南乳花肉) - S$8.00
Stir-Fried Kai Lan (芥兰) - S$10.00
Special Homemade Beancurd - S$12.00
Salted Egg Pork Ribs - S$8.00
Rice - S$0.50 a bowl

Soup was refilled at no additional costs!

NO GST, NO Service Charge!
Drinks charged separately.

Additional Information
I was commenting on how crowded the place was when i chanced upon it right?

Cavin has always believed in Seeing Is Believing! Just like that spooky encounter i had!

The Before!

The After!

The moral of these pictures?
Go before 6pm!

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