Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Uninvited Guest on Hungry Ghost Month

Most Singaporeans do know that it is currently the used-to-be-unspeakable seventh lunar month; the month we all know from young to be the hungry ghost month when ghosts, including those of our deceased ancestors, walk on mortal earth.

Today is the 20th day of the seventh lunar month, a Gregorian day we know as 29th of August 2010. Something just happened in my humble abode to jolt me out of my deep slumber and render me unable to sleep again. 

This unexplainable incident seeks to reinforce the existence of paranormal beings; a status i thought was lost on me after a long period of inactivity.  

Here's what happened. 

Already in my deep sleep mode, i was awoken by the barking of rubee, my old dog of no less than 13 years of age at 5.45am. This bark was different from the norm; it was pitchy loud with a slight tinge of viciousness and anxiety.

With the bedroom door wide open, it was definitely not a case of wanting to get out of the room. Nor was it time for his twice a day pee pee session.

I walked out of my bedroom to the living room, just in time to catch the half-opened main door closing.

By itself, in a deliberating slow motion!

Spooked thoughts immediately ran through my now alert brain; who was that? did my sister or father go out for exercise at this ungodly hour? was it my mom who may have cut short her weekly weekend stay at my sister's house to come back home and then proceed out for grocery shopping? 

Was it the wind?

With these perceived explanations running in my head in mere seconds, i slowly opened the main door, revealing the lighted corridor outside.

And no wind. 

Goose bumps immediately appeared on my arms and i felt a chill down my spine. Cavin is never comfortable when it comes to things that are entirely unexpected and coming at a time when he had less than 4 hours sleep!! 

I did a head count just to make sure. 

Everyone was accounted for; Dad, Pig sister and Alex were sleeping except for me. They heard the barking but did not bother to drag themselves out of the bed. The house keys were in the position they were supposed to be. I called my mom and she was still in my sister's place.

So who, in the god's name, was that?

=all pictures (except for the first and third) were taken after the incident as the author cannot stand a post without any picture=


  1. hantu4:56 PM

    haha interesting...

    so did you find out what/who was that in the end?

    and why did the door close? (was it opened in the first place?)

  2. not at out and it remains a mystery to this day!

    the door was half opened! and i was just wondering why it was open when it slowly closed!

    and it has to happen during the seventh month. sianz


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