Monday, August 30, 2010

Weng (翁) Pancake @ Maxwell Food Centre

This popular snack known in Singapore as 面煎粿 (Min-Jin-Kueh in Hokkien) is one of my favourite local kueh of all times.

It's not uncommon to see me chomping on one right after a filling breakfast or lunch, provided i can get a ready stall nearby!

Before i tried Tian Tian Chicken Rice, one of the "eats" i usually recommend in Maxwell Food Centre is the 面煎粿 from Weng Pancake!

Adopting the roll and wrap style, this stall attracted my attention then for its incredibly unbelievable price of just S$0.50 per piece!

Low price in this era may give the impression that quality is compromised.

But the certificates of recognition from Makansutra and The Green Book proudly displayed on the glass, say a different story!

A fragrant pandan dough (which is rare amongst its competitors) set below a generous layer of coarse peanut bits sprinkled with an additional layer of coarse sugar, rolled and wrapped with a final concluding gesture; cut it just like popiah!

Granted the size of one piece is not that impressive, i cannot deny the happy feeling i get whenever my teeth sinks into the skin!

The joy of having every bite with flavour!


Available fillings include my favourite peanuts (of course), green bean, red bean and coconut!

Never ask me to try those with peanut-butter-like filling.


Stall No.10
Maxwell Food Centre

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