Thursday, June 03, 2010

Soya Bean & You Tiao (豆浆油条) @ Yong He Eating House (永和豆浆油条大王)

Geylang is notorious for its 'meat' trade but the area is equally famous for its food (like Wan Dou Sek, Smelly Tofu etc)!

One of the first eateries introduced to me was the hugely popular King of You Tiao (a cruller like thing), Yong He!

For the uninitiated, the ignorant and the 'pure' souls, Yong He was THE 'in' place for night dwellers and it was common to hear the hollering of orders between the elderly waiters/waitresses.

I mentioned 'was', didn't i?

Since its move to a more quiet area in another side of Geylang, business has dipped.... TREMENDOUSLY!

Okay, maybe it's the timing issue. We were there at around 2-3pm, not exactly the wake up time for a 'meat' district. But with only two to three tables occupied, it's obvious that i should not be too far off from the bare truth. 

Popularity aside, how would the food fare at this new location?

You Tiao
Longer than the usual ones found in hawker centres, my eating preference is to dip the you tiao into a mug of cold soya bean drink!

The hot cullers will absorb the cold white liquid and while the outside remains crispy (obviously, don't dip too long), the inside is soaked with the goodness of soya bean!!

The cold soya bean drink (no picture!!) in Yong He was thirst quenching without being too sweet while the you tiao was just a bit (pinkie finger) too soft. 

Fried Meat Dumplings (Guo Tie)
These were too oily and are currently rated 'below average' by my standard!!

It might be slightly beareable if the dumplings are hot and fresh from the frying oil!

Tea Leaves Egg
My standard for tea leaves eggs is very high and only those with a heavy infusion of the herbalised tea leaves flavour will meet my cut.

The one in Yong He did not.


With competition from Rochor Beancurd, Selegie Beancurd and others that serve comparable or even better soya bean drinks and you tiao (which are the main selling points anyway), it should be pretty difficult for me to be back at Yong He again.

Unless nostalgia strikes my aging soul!

517 Geylang Road
(Near Lorong 27A)


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