Friday, December 25, 2009

Smelly Tofu (Again) @ Mini Star [星仔(香港)臭豆腐], Geylang, Singapore

A much needed update since my last post in 2006!

Reason No 1: Expanded Menu
Reason No 2: Better pictures (compared to HERE)
Reason No 3: I can never get enough of this heavenly scented snack!!

I shan't discuss about the usual smelly tofu since much had been said typed in this blog. The soft shell crab bun as well. Better quality pictures will be posted though; to tempt most of you to, at the very least, try it!!!

Seriously, you skeptical ladies and gentlemen really don't know what you have missed!!!

As mentioned, Mini Star (the shop's name) has more menu selections now! I ticked off numerous dishes that are rice and noodle-based.

Well-intentioned but with so much good edible food in Geylang, most of us probably will eat our main meal somewhere else and then proceed to Mini-Star for JUST its smelly tofu.
I could be wrong. For all i know, these main meals could be another die-die-must-try-when-you-come-to-geylang type! But before i even try them, i maintain my reservation.

One new kid on the menu was ordered though; the fragrant yet ultra crispy smelly tofu in slices. Especially catered for people who can never get enough of the crispy exterior! Personally, i find it to be less smelly than the original cube-form smelly tofu.

Don't think i mention this before. One important complement to the smelly tofu is the special chilli-sweet sauce concoction with pickled cucumbers!! It is so popular, it has upgraded to have a plate to call its own instead of sharing the otherwise limited space with the tofu!

795 Geylang Road (near Lorong 41).

Additional Information:
For train commuters, this place is pretty near to Paya Lebar MRT station. If you are driving, you can park along Lorong 41. Since this lorong is pretty far from the "exciting areas", it should not be difficult to find a parking lot.


  1. You should try those in Taiwan ! Smelly like HELL~

  2. i want............. but air fare is so expensive!!!! i can go bangkok twice lor!!

  3. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Is this shop Mini Star [星仔(香港)臭豆腐] still in Geylang? I went there once but is quite long ago.

    1. it is still there but the portions are really small now. :(

  4. Anonymous6:14 PM

    The smelly tofu at Mini Star [星仔(香港)臭豆腐] is not as tasty ,it is only very smelly that's all.
    I went Taiwan but didn't have the chance to try the smelly tofu there. I also didn't find any smelly tofu in Hong Kong too(maybe I don't know where to go), so didn't try in Hong Kong.
    I did tried in KL, my friend fried the smelly tofu and it was so much nicer than the Geylang shop.

    1. In KL? where? the best i had so far (had tried smelly tofu in HK, numerous cities in China etc) was mini star at Geylang.

      Portions, as i mentioned in the previous comment, were sadly smaller but i still enjoyed the taste. :)


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