Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ah Biao Wanton Noodle (阿標雲吞面) @ Pahang Street

Yes, Ah Biao has moved from its last location at Upper Thomson to Beach Road (Pahang Street to be exact).

Lucky southerners (like Ms Stella Tan)!!

You can imagine how disappointed i was a month ago when i happily drove to Upper Thomson Road to satisfy my never-ending cravings and found only the signboard in the coffee shop!

Anyway, this new downtown location is pretty disadvantageous to me; I will need at least 30 minutes instead of a mere 15 minutes to reach!

The good thing, however, is that the place is not as hot as the old outlet!

Damn the weather!

It should only be hot when i am either drying my laundry or suntanning!



12 Pahang Street.

Housed within this building!

Additional Information
Catering more for the office crowd, the operating hours have changed! It's rest day on Sunday (and Public Holidays) and open till 3pm on Saturday!

Usual operating hours (Mon-Fri) are from 6am to 6pm!

For my full review on Ah Biao Wanton Mee, please click HERE .

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