Monday, April 26, 2010

Ah Biao Wanton Noodle (亚标云吞面) @ Soon Li Coffee Shop (顺利餐室)

With an average F&B rating of 8.9 (on a scale of 10) in, Ah Biao Wanton Noodle has attracted a decent number of reviewers within a mere 2 months of operation!

Originating from Johor Bahru, two versions of wanton noodles are offered; white and black. The black version has dark soy sauce, which can be really addictive in dishes like char kway teow.

Though we were really full after our meal at Le Muria, Mr Kon and I really cannot resist not trying this highly acclaimed stall. We can always debunk the reviews if they prove to be untrue!

Our worries were unfounded.

This is one of the best wanton noodles i ever have in Singapore!

Noodles were springy with a slightly egg-y yet palatable taste to it.

And don't get me started on the sauce the noodles were dumped in; which reminded me so much of the famous but pathetically portioned wanton noodles in Lavender food centre.

The char siew did not have much charred bits, which i initially thought to be a disappointment. However, the smokey and caramelised flavour remained at its optimal level!


I had the white version and in fact, preferred it over the black one. Just a note, always mix the noodles well before you eat it. The sauce will oil the otherwise dry noodles and enhance the overall flavour.

Crispy pork lards were added and should have been a great supplement to this dish. If only they were fresher. 

S$2.50 for a small plate (black/white)
S$3.50 for a normal plate (black/white)

Within Soon Li Coffee Shop, located at 236 Upper Thomson Road.
It's very near to Thomson Plaza!

Additional Information
It may be difficult to find a parking lot outside the coffee shop. Hence, please consider parking at the HDB blocks behind the coffee shop; i think it's block 23.

Even though this stall is housed within a 24 hour coffee shop, it is only open from 11am to 11 pm!!

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