Saturday, March 06, 2010

The View (Outside My House)

It was with absolute anticipation (and excitement) when i saw the big panels barricading the big patch of field (roughly two football size fields) in front of my house.

Finally!! A park with a kidney-shaped pond filled with lotus, tortoises and an exercise corner for the exercise-deprived me residents around the area! At long last, an area that is so ridiculously close, i can theoretically jump down from the 7th floor for my exercises!!

Taking a closer look at the information board while walking my dog, disappointment slowly seeped in and i was speechless for a split moment.

Another building to block the
beautiful view?!?!?

That view was defaced once, when they built the primary school! With good fortune, it is only 4 storey high and the green field remains. Now, it is a bloody 15 storey block!!


Now the questions:

Would it pose a direct block to my view? If it's perpendicular to my block, it is still not too bad.

The current view allows me to see beyond the shores of Singapore and i can even catch the occassional fireworks.

Would it be situated too near to my block? Hopefully not, i am usually naked not wearing my shirt when i am at home and it's... bad karma to burn people's eyes.

Only time will answer my questions.
Awaiting for First Quarter of 2012.

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