Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sakura International Buffet @ Clementi Woods

sakura sakura 
no-yama mo sato mo 

The famous song on Japan's cherry blossoms, this well known restaurant with the same name has in fact no direct connection (whatsoever) with sakura. A distant connection is likely the japanese cuisine they served as part of an international buffet.

Buffet eating is in any Singaporeans' blood, so i heard!!! And for me, three buffets in the past month after a long hiatus!


I HATE buffets.

True that they provide a lot of variety but that can be a disadvantage since the more the varieties, the higher the chance to mess up your taste buds! And age works in a very strange way past 25 years old; lowering appetite but a growing waistline.

That's life for you, kids!!
(you know who you are)

Without explaining too much, here's a pictorial treat (some only hor) for all of you!
Cheese-Baked Oyster; cold, a sure way to fail this item.

Mayo mussels and prawns, which were good!

Roast chicken. Not too bad if it's deboned.

Mixed Plate! I tried the teriyaki chicken and the crab shell thingy.

Fresh scallops!

Fried items!

BBQ items!!

BBQ scallops. Leave this! Save your stomach for something more palatable!

Kueh Pie Ti; okay lah

Eggs tarts, char siew pastries and some dim sum to the right. Didn't have the stomach to try these.

Teppanyak menu!!
Finally tried shishamo! Still feel guilty about it... How can i eat pregnant fishes!?!?

Soup Stuff. Ignore these when you are eating buffet!

BBQ Squid: Good!

Various Sushi; pretty trashy. Give me authentic Japanese sushi please!

Another plate of assorted sushi.

Satay!! Cooked really well with the distinctive smoky flavour. Best eaten when it's hot!

Durian Paste! Yum Yum Yum! A bit too fluid though.

Various desserts! I love the black sesame mochi!


For roughly S$25 per pax on a weekday dinner for quite an expansive menu, it's quite worth it. Of course, you can always double that price for something better at other buffet restaurants. 


Clementi Woods Park, 93A Clementi Road, Singapore 129781. For reservation, please call 6474-8197

Additional Information
Ample parking available!

For food items that require some cooking time, please use the clips available at the stations. The food will be delivered to you once it's ready.

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