Friday, March 19, 2010

Baofeng Lake (宝峰湖) @ Zhangjiajie (张家界), Hunan, China


Located in the middle of the jagged rock formation hundred of feet above, the lake was unsurprisingly boring.

But it all made up with an interesting boat ride by the enthusiatic boat commentor who shared the minority tujia customs and also narrated the diferent rock formations using our imagination (again).

A Toad with an Open Mouth.

The Laughing Buddha.

A Sleeping Tortoise.

A Lady with the Traditional Tujia Headdress.

Within this peaceful arena, the silence was at times broken by the pitchy yet melodic singing of the tujia lady on a traditional, oriental boat.

Most of the 'other' times, the silence was broken by the crowd we were with, who were really loud and rowdy (okay, maybe seven out of the forty tourists but with the decibels of a hundred persons)!!

The only picture that showed most of them.
From it, can aga aga gauge their attitude right??

They were so noisy, they drowned the voice of the poor tujia commentor. And they jostled for pictures, disregarding basic safety.

At that point, i would really love to give them a hand; by pushing them into the water. Being nice Mr Cavin Teo (and they had a group with tall, big sized guys), i threw out that thought!

I was praying that God will help.

Yes, the commentor was indeed using a loud hailer.
She lost to the seven bitches.

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