Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oldies & Goodies Roasted Restaurant (老字号) @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

If not for the word "roasted", the name does give an impression of a really traditional shop selling biscuits and sweets from my grandparents' era. Again, this place was recommended by a few bloggers and being a lover for char siew, i HAD to try it.

Wanton Noodles

Alex ordered this. When i saw this plate of noodles with a few pathetic slices of mushroom, i thought it was seriously not worth the cost of RM5. THAT was my initial impression before i even tried it.

Looks can REALLY be deceiving.

The noodles were springy but it was the sauce that made it so desirable! Unlike the wanton noodles sauce (for Cantonese style) we have in Singapore; the one here was a lighter version of char siew sauce but with a drawing power that made you yearn for more!!

Also, the wantons were not the pathetic minced pork filled dumplings we have in Singapore! When you teared the wantons apart, it was not pork but prawns okay!

Char Siew Rice

Though fragrant, i guess the rice was soaked in a broth that placed ginger as the highest weightage; resulting in a rice that was too ginger flavoured. For ginger lovers, this should be a plus.

The char siew did not disappoint; with crystalized charred bits, it was not that fatty (compared to most Malaysian char siew) yet retained the delicious flavour of well made char siew.

The only complaint? Too little char siew!!!!

RM5.00 per plate.
Char Siew Noodles

Since the noodles and char siew were so good, they had to be the perfect partners in crime food right? With this craving in mind, we returned to the shop a mere 4 hours later.

The verdict? Perfect!

I probed the cashier for more information on the noodles sauce and he secretly let out that this sauce was not bought in the market but made in the shop. Besides a mixture of oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, there was also char siew sauce.

I KNEW IT!!! Wahahahahah.

RM5.50 per plate.


You will see a big sign opposite this restaurant with the words "Cactus Valley". Definitely worth a visit! In addition, the Big Red Strawberry Farm with its strawberry dessert cafe is right beside it!

Opening hours: 9.30am to 10pm.

Please refer to the map above for the location (red star)! The restaurant is beside Kavy Hotel! Yes!! Kavy Hotel is in between Oldies & Goodies and Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe

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