Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kopitiam Pau Hei @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

This was the first place we dined at after the disheartening conversation with the hotel receptionist.

A newly opened shop with less than 8 tables and partially obstructed by the outdoor market, the one word on the big (fortunately) banner that immediately caught my attention was kopitiam (hokkien for coffee shop).

To say the truth, what i did notice was KOPI (coffee); heavily demanded due to a severe lack of sleep.

Interestingly, the dishes available in this kopitiam were pasted on the wall! Two dishes immediately woke the hungry sleeping dragon in my stomach!

Lo Mai Kai (Glutinous Rice with Chicken)

Usually filled with chicken meat, mushroom and topped with sticky glutinous rice, this dish was steamed for the optimal infusion of the rice by the rich juices of both the chicken and mushroom.

Steamed to almost perfection, the one in Pau Hei was bigger, had more chicken and a slice of egg! The rice was one of the best i ever had for lo mai kai with just the right amount of moisture and oil.

The only complaint?

The slice of egg lacked the normal egg taste; either it was absorbed by the rice or the egg was not fresh!!

RM2.50 per bowl cup bowl

Chee Cheong Fun

Freshly made on the spot upon ordering, this Cantonese-style chee cheong fun was smooth, wrapped with fresh prawns (or char siew or even curry chicken), drenched with the palatable sauce and topped with a generous serving of crispy fried onions!!

What more to say? It was good enough for us to order two plates!

RM3.80 for one plate


Please refer to the map above for the location (red star)! I am using Hotel Rosa Passadena, Brinchang town, as the focal point!

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