Thursday, November 12, 2009

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Highly recommended according to the multiple blogs and websites hailing this cafe as THE place to go in Cameron Highlands. 

With that in mind, our expectations were actually quite high when we entered the shop. The menu was extensive with so many things to order! Sadly, i have only one stomach (obvious right?!).

Strawberry Strudel 

This multi-layered pastry was screaming "EAT ME!!" when the server put it in front of me.  The strawberries were fresh, the cream used were thick and sweet enough.

BUT the pastry was just not up to standard to award it as an almost flawless dish. Given it was crispy and flaky, it had a taste of a stale, airy bread. The pastry fragrance was also lacking.

Strawberry Ice Baby


A refreshing milk-shake drink made with fresh strawberries and mixed with tiny sago seeds but without the articificiality and fattiness associated with normal strawberry milk shake (i can only think of Macdonald's milk shake).

French Fries

I hate to order French fries in a foreign contry because you are wasting the empty space in your stomach for a dish so mundane! But what Alex said was right; french fries do taste better in colder regions.

Strawberry Mini Steamboat

It was fondue lah!

When i saw this item on the menu, I was wondering how should the taste of strawberries dumped in a bowl of chicken or tom yam soup be like.

Coming back, fondue was never my favourite but this changed my mind.

The chocolate used was not sugar sweet but cocoa sweet! It also lacked that overbearing jelak taste often faced from prolonged indulgence! if not for my almost exploding stomach (from the ass), i would definitely down the whole bowl!!

By the way, fresh cucumber in liquid chocolate was so good!! Moist, crunchy surrounded by the warm chocolate.......



If you wish to buy some local produce back home, this cafe has a connecting shop that sells 3 in 1 strawberry coffee, strawberry tea, dried strawberries and others! Not exactly that economical for me but still worth a visit!

Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm but you better pray hard; I went at 8.30pm, it was closed and the next morning, i reached at 10am, the shop finally opened at 10.30am.

Please refer to the map above for the location (red star)! The cafe is beside Kavy Hotel!

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