Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Office Pantry

For some, the pantry is just a long table at a small corner of the whole office; you will be GLAD to find a few packets of 3 in 1 coffee-mix and at most, a toaster oven that is only BIG enough for two pieces of bread.  

For bigger corporations, most likely the pantry is a room and maybe a much bigger one than yours. In this case, there's a pretty high chance to see a water sink, water dispenser, a fridge, a microwave oven PLUS a few tables and chairs.

Wait, isn't that the kitchen? 

In my work place, i have the luxury of a fairly big pantry serving almost 30 staff members and in my Starhub days, the pantry was big! With so many users for the pantry, it is inevitable that things (usually food and drinks) are sometimes "LOST".

The usual defence to this "theft" is to write your name or paste a post-it note (with your name) on the item. BUT, when it happens again and again, you know you have to do something more extreme!


Although i regret to inform you that there's always a joker amongst the thieves!

If you meet the joker, please resign to your fate.


  1. Oh boy, these are effective notes to embarrass food thieves.

  2. not all, not all. especially if you have a smart one. haha


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