Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Rainy Month

November 2009 is a rainy month for Singapore and thunderstorms, pouring rain are widely expected to descend any time they want.


Back in my secondary school days, i ever danced in the rain (fully clothed lah) with a few schoolmates. It was so fun and so refreshing! Ask me to do the same thing now and i would list out numerous necessary checks;

1) Am i wearing clothing that belongs to a lighter color? My red underwear will show if i am. The shy me will never accept the embarrassment.

2) Do i have my wallet, my mobile, my DS Lite, my Panasonic Lumix TZ15 with me? Cannot afford to have those electronics destroyed and my money/cards wet. It will take a long time to dry the non-electronics and, wet leather smells horribly!!!

3) Am i within walking distance to my house? Without any extra clothing, it would be very inconsiderate if i walk into a building/bus/train with a trail of water behind me.

4) Finally, can i heard thunder and see lightning? The fats within me will sizzle and explode if i am so "lucky" to be struck! Well, at least the people around me can get free lard!

Judging from the above, you can imagine how long it has been since i danced amidst the pitter-patter rhythm. However, the urge to do so came back yesterday when it rained at sunset.

The zillions of rain drops, each reflecting the sun-rays, were too hard to resist! Despite the fact that point two and three worried me, i was on the verge to jump out of the protected zone!

Until i remembered my mother's advice: "Don't ever play in the sunshine rain! It will make you sick!!"

I have no choice but to obey.

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