Sunday, November 22, 2009

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant @ Upper Thomson

Another craving of Korean's cuisine brought me once again to this authentic Korean restaurant along Thomson road. Not sure if most of the younger generation know, Korean food took root only around 10 years ago, when the Korean wave crashed on Asia.

My first attempt at Korean cuisine was at this crowded food court in Marina Square where i had Bulgogi Beef. I loved it for its fabulous marination that i am afraid only satay is a worthy comparison of.

Since then, my exposure to Korean cuisine revolved around food courts and canteens... until my very first visit to Auntie Kim, a restaurant setting opened by a Korean lady. 

Ignorantly, i always thought that eating Korean food is just like any other meals; you order a main dish, you get a main dish.

It's not.

Astonished by the six different side dishes (the sourish, spicy kim chi, pickled cucumbers & onions, stewed beef, stir fried vegetables, beansprouts and turnips) served, i was already 25% full before getting to my main dish.

I must had been really satisfied with the food for my first visit because when the Korean craving struck early in the morning, Auntie Kim was the first i thought of.

Odeng Tang

My mom loves soupy stuff and this was selected by her. Essentially, it was a soup full of fishcakes. And being a not-so-into-fishcake person, it was just a normal dish with a normal clear broth. I would have prefer fishball or prawn soup anytime.


The first time i tried Bibim-bab (translated as mixed rice), i adored the visual appeal of its nicely placed portions of fresh vegetables (carrots, turnips, beansprouts, spinach, seaweed etc), minimal use of meat (one marinated portion of either chicken, beef or pork) plus a sunny side up (or raw egg)!

Food we work for, force us to appreciate the food better.

Using the same reasoning for Bibim-bab; in order to really eat this dish, you have to really mix all the portions together in the really hot stone bowl plus a special sauce. Despite the many ingredients used, the result was a dish so well complemented and tasty

With fresh ingredients, the right type of rice and special sauce, Bibim-bab seldom goes wrong.

This one in Auntie Kim went the right way!


Additional information:
The first good thing?
No MSG added for all the food!!

The next better thing?
No Goods and Services Tax (GST) charged!

The best thing?  
Free flow of the smooth, cholesterol-buster barley tea! 

No 265, Upper Thomson Road. It's quite near to Thomson Plaza. Please click HERE and paste the aforementioned address .  


  1. Ah, one of my favourite Korean restaurant. :) The next time you are there, try the Japchae. It's stirfried glass noodles with oodles of crunchy veg.

    The other one that's good is at Amara Hotel. It is packed with Korean expats every lunch hour, so you know it is authentic. :)

  2. Hahaha, i will recommend that to my omuni. not really into glass noodles. will steal some from her though! :P

    Amara hotel... hm... should ask my sister to bring me there then. her area! thanks for suggestion!


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