Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fijian Longan (Mom Called It Wild Longan) - A Fruit I Had Never Seen / Tried Before #fijianlongan

My mom messaged me the above photograph a few days ago and her following voice message requested that i buy back some on my next Batam trip. Problem is; i had no idea what they were and asked if they were some kind of pears. 

That very night, she passed me a bag filled with the pear-like fruits and i was visibly surprised to find them so tiny! The skin was definitely not the type i could sink my teeth in and my perplexed expression resulted in a smirk on my mom's face as she can proudly show us what to do.

She broke the skin using her fingernail and peeled it away; revealing the semi-transparent flesh within. It kinda looked like a cross between a bigger version of longan and a yellower lychee.

I gave it a light squeeze using my two fingers and found the flesh to be firmer than our usual longan and lychee. It's interesting that i have never seen them before in my almost 40 years of age. My mom called it wild longan and a search online revealed that it's known as "Fijian Longan" and commonly found in the Pacific Islands. 

In terms of taste, it was like a harder, less juicy form of longan. I wouldn't say i particularly enjoy it even though it still contained the sweetness; just not as sweet as longan.

Like lychee and longan, it has a seed in the middle which can be eaten after boiling or roasting. I should have asked my mom to keep a few so that we can try it out. Well, guess i would have to buy some back the next time i am in Batam

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