Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Yellow Beach Cafe - A Short Walk from Cenang Beach Plaza Hotel @ Langkawi [Malaysia]

Happy New Year! 

I deliberately didn't want to blog about the new year as i am not one with discipline to go with new year resolutions. However, it's still the fresh start to 2019 and i thought why not just talk about this cafe in Langkawi that i visited two times over my 4-night trip; Yellow Beach Cafe.

It's not our typical cafe in Singapore as booze appeared to be THE thing that people come for although they do serve steaks, sandwiches, pizzas etc. Non-air-conditioned and immersed in chill, relaxed vibe, i can't deny that my friends and i had a great time both times! 

On our first night, there was even a live band! As you can probably deduce, the whole place was decked out in bright yellow. p.s. not difficult to spot the cafe along Cenang Beach

We started the first night with Tequila Sierra Gold at RM 15 (about S$3.00) a shot and even though that's already cheaper than Singapore; our tequila guru (Mr Andy Tay) commented that the volume is also about 35% more with the taller shot glass! 

I could only manage one shot as i don't like the feeling of getting over-intoxicated. Alex is weak when it comes to alcohol and one shot was sufficient to make him doze off after a while! 

I am slightly better; still managed to down a small serving of kronenbourg le blanc draught which tasted a bit like Heineken in whiter form. 


Jalan Pantai Tengah, Jalan Pantai Chenang, 
07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Location Map
As above. Near Cenang Beach Plaza Hotel.

Drinks Menu
As above.

Tequila Sierra Gold - RM 15.00
Kronenbourg Le Blanc (Small) - RM 12.00
French Fries - RM 18.00

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