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Nhong Rim Klong - Crab Overdose from a Street Stall by the Canal @ Bangkok [Thailand]

Crab is easily my favourite seafood and if not for the facts that it is usually expensive and has a direct correlation with my cholesterol level; i could easily have a few large ones in one sitting!

Therefore, my eyes lighted up when i read that there's a local street stall, by the name of Nhong Rim Klong, in Bangkok that's famous for serving delicious yet economically-priced crab dishes. It's not far from Galaxy Tailor but lazy us decided to take GRAB instead.

Street stalls are commonly not well-received by Singaporeans as we are forever concerned about the hygiene condition; thanks to the bombardment of educational messages since young. Having to dine beside a canal that doesn't look kind of sanitary makes us even more fearful.

The smell wasn't bad when i was there although we tried to avoid peering at the content flowing down the canal or dropping from the numerous pipes. Well, in case there's 'something' that would affect our appetite.

There's a risk of falling down the canal; so please control your hyperactive kids and don't hurry your ageing parents who might require more effort to walk towards the tables.

I am assuming it's clean water coming out from the tap and given that i didn't encounter tummy ache given my sensitive stomach; the hygiene and sanitary conditions for the stall should be alright. Having said that, you have the choice to make your own judgment call.

Limited seating and the queue was known to be quite bad during peak mealtimes as the stall provided option for takeaways; hence, we chose to arrive slightly before lunch to beat the crowd and managed to secure seats in about 6 minutes. English menu was available but it's hard to decide what to eat! Here's what we had.

Thai Milk Tea - i had tried thai milk tea in Bangkok before and disliked it for being too sweet. The one here hit the right note for being fragrant with the unique Thai tea flavour and not overly sweet.

Soft Cooked Crab in Omelette - friends would know i love eggs and this had the combination of both eggs and chunks of crab meat! Surprisingly, i didn't find the combined flavour to be overwhelmingly impressive as i thought it would be.  

Stir Fried Crab with Thai Chilli - now, i am aware that Thai chilli can be potently spicy and as Alex doesn't take kindly to spiciness; i am mindful not to order this but the order taker said this one "only a little spicy". I took his words and major regret as even i couldn't take the spiciness! Despite the literal chunks of crab meat, i could hardly taste the crab in all that hotness! 

Fried Rice with Crab - yes, you are not wrong; all the dishes we ordered contained crab! I was deliberating between plain rice or fried rice but figured that since we were already there; we might as well go with the latter.

Among all three dishes, i like this the best! There was a peppery taste to the fried rice which complemented with the nice aroma of wok-hei; frankly, one of the better fried rice i had in my life.

Let me show you the chunks of crab meat! Generous and totally satisfying as far as visual is concerned. However, unlike the mud and Sri Lankan crabs that we are more accustomed to; the delicious, sweet taste of crab wasn't as obvious in the crab meat served at this street stall. 


In a nutshell, all three of us agreed that while the chef didn't scrimp on the crab meat; the food didn't quite appeal to us with the exception of the fried rice. And don't order the fried crab with Thai chilli unless you are a crazy fan for spiciness. 

Ekkamai 21 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea,
Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

Location Map
As above.

Operating Hours
8.30 am to 4.30 pm 
(Closed on Sundays)

As above.

Pricing (Nett)
Thai Milk Tea - 40 Baht
Soft Cooked Crab in Omelette - 340 Baht
Stir Fried Crab with Thai Chilli - 440 Baht
Fried Rice with Crab - 340 Baht

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