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Or Tor Kor Market - Known as the Best Fresh Market in Bangkok and Beside Chatuchak Weekend Market [Thailand]

I have heard of Or Tor Kor market in Bangkok but coming from Southeast Asia where wet markets are not that uncommon, i didn't think of making a trip down until i read somewhere that it's a great place to sample good quality Thai durians!

Hence, i intentionally arranged a visit after Chatuchak Weekend Market as Or Tor Kor market is connected to the humongous weekend market via the Kamphaeng Phet mrt station.

My initial assumption was that it might be as huge as Chatuchak Weekend Market but the reality shows that the single storey market could be smaller than the ones we have in Singapore. The above was taken when i was standing in the middle of the market; effectively showing half the length of Or Tor Kor market.

The durians stalls were concentrated mainly near the main entry point to the market and i didn't need to do any searching; not that i needed to since the market has a straightforward, tidy layout! I shall show you the map later on.

First thing - trying out Thai durians! It's an interesting experience as Thai durians differ from our usual Malaysian imports; even the way to eat Thai durians is different! You can check out my review here.

There's obviously more than just durians in a fresh market - sections were available for meat, vegetables and seafood as shown above. I didn't bother with the meat section as i usually couldn't stand the smell of raw meat.

My mom would likely go crazy over the dried products like dried shrimps, dried cuttlefish; nothing better than the source and she is a veteran when it comes to exploring wet markets. I should count my lucky stars that she feels that Bangkok is too hot for her liking as she can buy a ton of stuff for herself and her friends.

Aside from raw meat, i also couldn't stand the stench of salted fish; they smell like little bursts of concentrated stale sea water that irritate the nose! To be fair to those who love salted fish, their affection for it would be similar to my obsession with stinky tofu.

Processed squids and cuttlefish snacks! When i was younger, they always made me happy but sadly, they are not known to be healthy and now that i am reaching the big four o next year; i can't indulge in them that frequently anymore.

Biscuits and nuts which i would have considered buying for my family and friends if samples are readily available. I believe i can ask the stall vendor but there's always a personal obligation to buy if i 'ask' directly.

In addition to Thai durians, you can also find a wide variety of seasonal fruits that hailed from Thailand itself; for example rose apples, mangosteens.

From young, my dad has been insistent on having fruits for the family and the fridge is always filled with fruits. Durians are my favourite although custard apples came at a close second. The above are the local Southeast Asian kind which are smaller and mushier than the Taiwan's unique pineapple custard apples.

Cooked food section where you can buy your food for takeaway; similar to those street vendors but in way more hygienic conditions. Pity the Great Kon didn't join us; if he did, i bet we would try a bit of everything!

You can even find boxes of cooked crab meat for sale; guess you can easily make your own crab fishes similar to those found at the popular Nong Rim Klong.

Bags of crispy pig rinds; the ultimate sin!

Stalls selling appliances and accessories suitable for the kitchen and dining. Strange to find those sticks with hand-like ends as they are mainly used to scratch our backs since we humans can't cover 100% using our own hands whenever there's an itch.

One of the rare shops with air-conditioning in the whole Or Tor Kor Market; Kaopeenong which offers traditional Thai desserts and sweets!

Like many of Singapore's wet markets, there's a hawker centre at Or Tor Kor Market where you have a comfortable variety of Thai cuisine awaiting you!

Didn't try out any this time but given how often i visit Bangkok; i now know exactly where i can have my lunch whenever i drop by Chatuchak Weekend Market. So long i don't get waylaid by the coconut ice cream, Spanish paella and grilled honey roast pork.


Those who are unwilling to visit Or Tor Kor market because they think it's stinky, dark and dirty should be assured that it's in fact much cleaner and tidier than most wet markets in Singapore!

101 ถนน ย่านพหลโยธิน Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900, Thailand

Location Map

As above.

Floor Plan
As above.


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