Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Lek Massage House - Near Kritthai Residence and National Stadium BTS @ Bangkok [Thailand]

It's no secret i love Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and one motivating factor for my annual 'pilgrimage' is their value for money massages; so much so that i make it a point to visit daily whenever i am in the city! 

In my recent visit, however, i didn't manage to secure any massage slots for the first two nights with Lek Massage House (one of two massage parlours near Kritthai Residence, with a significantly higher review) as i was too late in requesting for a slot. =_=. 

Learning my lesson; i went in the afternoon on my 3rd day in Bangkok and was finally ushered to the room! I was so looking forward to having the tension on my back and shoulders released.

Washing my feet - when i first tried Thai massage more than ten years ago, i recalled i had a laughing fit as it was so ticklish! In life, it's a matter of getting used and the tickling is honestly much more manageable now. 

And the skin on your feet usually appeared very smooth right after the wash. I indicate usually because i have encountered masseurs who literally just throw your feet it, scrub less than five times, wash and then dry. Like that might as well don't do. 

Mine was quite professional about it even though the masseurs at Urban Retreat did a better job; which, by the way, would have been expected given the higher rate. What i found baffling at Lek Massage House was that my masseur asked me to wear back my CROCs. My feet were clean then and i had to put them back into my smelly shoes?!

I didn't argue and proceeded to walk along the narrow corridor to my allocated bed for the traditional Thai massage. I kid you not when i said it's narrow as it's good enough for only one person.

My bed which was one of maybe about five in the same enclosure. Good thing; air-conditioning was strong! Bad thing; the shirt i was given was missing three buttons! It's not a one-off occurrence as i missed one button on my shirt in my next visit. 

Overall, the masseurs did a great job for the traditional Thai massage on day one and reasonably well for the back, neck and shoulder massage, with hot compress, on day two. I would be comfortable to give Lek Massage House a 4-star rating but would minus a star for the poor customer service at the counter. 


887/1 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Wang Mai, 
Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, 
Thailand (next to Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam)

As above (red star)


As above.

Additional Information
Didn't have enough time for a full hour massage? 30-minute options are available at slightly elevated pricing. Check out the above. 

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