Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pasar Malam Temoyong (Temonyong Thursday Night Market) - Open on Thursdays Only @ Langkawi Island [Malaysia]

The night markets in Bangkok are epic and i often spend hours looking through the food, the products and the services provided in the hundreds of makeshift stalls!

Hence, when i heard of the night markets in Langkawi, i thought i should check out at least one and it so happened that near where we stayed; there's this Pasar Malam Temoyong that was operational on the Thursday that we flew in from Singapore.

Arriving at a little before 5.30 pm as I was informed that the market would start from 5.00 pm and it might not be easy to find a parking lot if we were to go too late.

I was drawn by the smell of durians! As Singaporeans are aware, July was like the super peak for durians and due to the bumper crop, prices had dropped significantly! Since i didn't know how to choose, it's a pity i didn't buy any king of the fruits as business for the operator appeared to be roaring.

A sight not seen in Singapore! Okay, we do have wet markets where fresh fishes are laid out but i guess not in the above setting where it's open-air and the fishes were not placed on a layer of ice! Given the tropical temperature, the stench can also be a tad uncomfortable for those sensitive to smell.

Allure of food everywhere! Don't bother about having your meals in restaurants at the touristy areas as you would have a higher rate of success (for delicious food) at the night market! However, hygiene is always a question mark and if your stomach can take it, go ahead and try!

Pricing was lower than what you pay for in Singapore! For example, the above kebab in a wrap cost RM 5.00 (S$1.30) each and it's stuffed with a lot of meat! In the lion city, S$5.00 is the norm although you do get offers like 3 for S$10; albeit with stingy amount of meat.

Size of the Thursday pasar malam was a disappointment and unlike the night markets in Thailand, i didn't manage to stay long. Even the weekend night market at Cameron Highlands was way bigger.

On a normal day (we drove past the area a number of times during our stay in Langkawi), the area was just an empty space with gravel flooring that's likely used as a carpark for the nearby funfair.

Cold beverages in attractive colors that would wow the kids, and the instagrammers! A bit too much coloring for my age and to be honest, i am drinking mainly plain water or canned oolong tea nowadays. :(

A long line of fruits; if my parents were with me, they would likely buy a lot for two reasons. Their love for fruits (their fridge is always filled to the brim with fruits) and their pricing; 10 oranges / apples for less than S$3.00!

It was so tempting to get a serving of this Nasi Goreng Pattaya (fried rice), topped generously with chicken meat, at just RM 5.00! It helps that there's no seating area and i am not adept in using my hands without any cutlery.

Mango juice! I actually didn't do much in-depth research of this night market; if i did (and i should), i would have known that this mango juice stall was strongly recommended! Mango juice without ice at RM 4.00 was impossible even in Johor Bahru!

I eventually caved in to temptation but i compromised with just deep fried cempedek at five pieces for RM 2.00 (S$0.70). In Singapore, the same amount would likely cost me S$2.00.

Just taken out from the frying oil, they were still hot and tasted sweet with a thin, crispy crust! By the way, the seeds can be eaten (a bit like bland-tasting Chinese chestnuts) if you boil them separately.

While food stalls took the stage at Temonyong Thursday Night Market, you can find non-food items for sale too although most didn't attract me to take a second look.

As Jerald is a vehicle lover, i was thinking if he would need another toy bus for his collection although the young boy is now already in primary five and would likely be growing out of his hobby in no time. Okay, save some money then!

Wait, weren't these for sale in Decathlon Singapore?!

"Oh my god" - the three words rang in my head as i walked towards the stall with just a table and products that were sparsely displayed. The above cannot be sold and played in Singapore.

Fireworks but the very mild kind. If you prefer something more 'explosive' and prettier, consider a night stay in Bintan. Not those in the pricey resort area; i remember playing with fireworks at Bintan Cabana!

Alex was keenly checking out the jeans as we were walking back to our rented car. I was puzzled as i am aware he already had more than a dozen pairs at home!

At RM 10 a pair, he couldn't resist going through the patterns. After travelling with him for quite a number of times, i know his pattern. Cheap things attract his attention and while that's nothing wrong; he has the tendency to purchase IN BULK! Example, the 30 pairs of socks he got from Taiwan


Kampung Lubok Buaya, 07000 Langkawi,
Kedah, Malaysia


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