Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cameron Highlands Pasar Malam (Night Market) @ Brinchang Town [Malaysia]

While seated in front of this computer where i am trying to string words into sentences for this post, i could not help but enjoy tonight's cool climate that Singapore rarely has. And it was so apt that the topic today is on the night market at Cameron Highlands.

The temperature in the highlands was definitely much chillier at night and most people would wear a sweater just to keep warm although crazy friends like Karen would probably walk out in shorts and sleeveless shirt. 

Since i have already covered the pasar malam three years ago (has it been that long?), this would serve as a refresher just to keep everyone updated. 

To be frank, nothing much seemed to have changed even though i got the feeling that the market appeared to have expanded further across the road. As usual, you can get loads of plushies! 

Mom was thankfully very tamed in her purchases; she was sorely aware that we would be travelling to Kuala Lumpur the next day and having to carry heavy produce, no matter how fresh, back to Singapore is no easy feat! 

Trinklets for sale - most designs were not suitable for adults and would likely be more acceptable for kids and young adults. Oh well, to each his / her own. 

The luminous lucky stones must be the "in" thing in Malaysia as i remember seeing them in Malacca a few months ago. Prices were quite reasonable at 1 for only RM 6.00.

If not for the heavy steamboat dinner i had an hour ago, i would gladly and willingly pay for a cat mountain king durian! Damn, i am so craving for durians now!!! 

Still remember this? The artificially coloured guavas that were said to be very bad for your health! Be a man (or woman), get the real guava without any preservative and seasoning! 

A drink that reminded me of the Air Mata Kucing in KL! Didn't try any as i usually have reservations towards drinks sold on the street without any protective seal; my stomach, contrary to popular belief, is actually quite sensitive. 

Chocolate strawberry!?!? This should go pretty well with pancakes and waffles! 

Boxes of perfectly shaped strawberries! Eat them at your own risk as sweet strawberries normally have uglier appearance. 

Wild honey - Mom regretted not buying any back! Her Chinese physician strongly recommended that she had wild honey to boost her immune system shortly after she returned from this trip. 

For a Friday on peak school holiday season, the crowd was not as massive as i expected. There were plenty of room to move around and i didn't remember having to jostle for any space. 

Minions were everywhere! 

Would love to purchase one of these to warm the ears if not for the fact i am a man and that i am almost thirty-four years old! Furthermore, I guess my shopping mentality has aged significantly over the past few years; in the past, i might buy for the sake of buying. Now, i often wonder if i NEED it and whether i would even use it a second time. 

Planned to buy this for Jovyn! On second thought, the colour was a bit too tacky and would likely be thrown to the "never, ever let Jovyn wear this" basket. 

This was so lame! The language of strawberry can be easily imposed on any physical item and i can name it the language of the computer mouse, the language of the toenail etc etc! 

Jumbo soft toys! Unless you travel up to Cameron Highlands using your own transport and has a massive car boot, don't even contemplate buying this back to Singapore! I stupidly did it once and it was so tiring! Imagine having the plushie sharing half your seat on a 10-hour bus ride! 

Cooked food section, as you would have expected, was the zone i loved the most! 

The comforting sound of cackling boiling oil, the delectable aroma that ranged from fried chicken to grilled lamb and the mere thought of being able to have them fresh and hot in the cooling weather - factors that totally optimises the enjoyment process! 

Want to know why i had so many food pictures appended above without much explanation?

Dad was on the same trip - his disapproving stare was sufficient to stop me from buying any food! To be honest, my dad's unrelenting nagging can entirely spoil my mood and hence, i am willing to sacrifice food in order not to hear him start his tirade. 

- the end -


For more information on the pasar malam, including the days it is opened for business, click here. Questions can be posted in comment and i would try my best to reply them. :)


  1. Hi;

    May I know does the Pasar Malam in Cameron Highland open on Sunday also ? This is our first time to visit Cameron and we want to avoid the crowd during weekend and school holiday. Does Sunday too crowded and does road will have heavy traffic jam ?

    We plan to visit on 28-Jun-15(Sun) to 30-Jun-15(Tue) and we around 18 ppl (13 adults and 5 small kids). Is there any recommended apartment or homestay or resort for such a big family ?


    1. Hi! From what i know, the pasar malam is available every night during Malaysia's school holidays. Do check if 28-30 Jun falls under the period.

      As i visited in January when kids were already in school and most families were still recovering from the school holidays, the crowd and traffic were not that bad.

      Cannot comment much on apartment or homestay for many people as i don't travel in big groups. However, if you can speak / write / read Malay, there are supposedly a lot of choices for big groups.

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Is it walking distance to the Pasar Malay from your hotel?

    1. It is walkable from Rosa Passadena to the pasar malam; figure it would be less than ten minutes and it would be comfortable given the extremely cool weather. :)

  3. Hi, going next 2 week. So they open everyday?

    1. from my understanding, it is open every night during Malaysian school holidays. not sure it is the case anymore.


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