Monday, March 05, 2018

Don Don Donki's Baked Sweet Potato - Really Delicious @ Orchard Central [Singapore]

Unless you have a severe nose block, you would definitely catch a whiff of the unmistakable aroma coming from baked sweet potatoes on basement two of Orchard Central shopping centre and should you like the root vegetable as much as i do, you would follow that aroma. 

If there's a queue that snaked along the passage that connects Orchard Central to Centrepoint Mall, don't think too much on whether you can stomach a sweet potato and proceed to just join the queue! 

At S$2.80 a piece, it's not that expensive compared to what i had at a neighborhood stall (which had since closed down) and considering that the sweet potatoes were imported from Japan.

Don't be put off by the above sign as it's merely a 'strongly recommended' message; with cashless being the way to go in this country, not many people actually carry change and even if i have, i would prefer to feed my piggy banks. Nevertheless, be considerate and refrain from shoving a big note lah! 

Oh, apparently the price isn't always the same and depends on the law of demand and supply that's covered under basic economics; in December 2017, it's only S$2 apiece! 

The queue actually cleared quite fast since each customer can only purchase a maximum of 2 pieces! Do be mindful that there's limited number of sweet potatoes per batch (each machine can only churn out 30-40 pieces) and once you miss it, it's about an hour wait. 

I don't know why but i got two freshly baked pieces in the paper bag! They were hot; so exercise some patience in peeling off the skin of the sweet potato. p.s. it's quite easy to tear off the skin.

Holding it up like a drumstick, i noticed that it didn't have that moist, caramelized texture featured on the sweet potatoes that made me miss a heartbeat at Genting Highlands

Shortly after, i took a big chunk off the top and as i slowly chewed through the piping hot content; the sweetness intensified and i almost gave out a loud mmmmmm. I was impressed. 

There wasn't the cloying, sickening sweet taste and i actually managed to clean off the entire piece even though i just had a platter of chicken nanban and a plate of salmon belly kabayaki! I would have loved to start on the second piece but i am dead mindful of my weight. 

Sweet potato counter without the queue as the batch was already snapped up by the customers. As i found a seat near the queue to have my food, i can totally sense the disappointment of those who failed to get their hands on the popular product.

Next batch at 3.30 pm; this display was extremely helpful for planning purpose and on weekends, the queue would form way before the batch was ready.

The cartons of sweet potatoes from Japan; i am just wondering if i could get some raw ones as i thought they would make a good ingredient for my ondeh ondeh cupcakes! 

As you can see, the sweet potatoes were harvested from Donki's own plantations, which i assumed to be at Japan. Regardless of its origins, they were not exaggerating when they labelled the sweet potatoes as 'shockingly delicious'! 


181 Orchard Rd, Basement 2, Don Don Donki,
Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

S$2.80 each
p.s. as i have indicated, i got two pieces in my bag; hence, it could be two pieces in one bag that cost S$2.80 or i am lucky to have been given two pieces instead of one. 

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