Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Open Air Street Food 'Hawker Centre' along Bangla Road @ Patong [Phuket, Thailand]

Frankly, i couldn't pinpoint the exact location of this open air 'hawker centre' at Patong (Phuket) as google map had yet to be updated but i can guarantee you it's along the famous bangla street!

Is there any particular reason why i decided to share this 'hawker centre' as dinner was satisfied less than an hour ago at Ruen Thai restaurant?

I am being totally honest here - i had too many photographs for the Phuket trip and breaking them into mini-postings does help in clearing; albeit slowly.

Nevertheless, it's a gastronomic eye opener, especially for those on their first visit to Southeast Asia, with many stalls decked with displays of mouthwatering food! Even I was tempted although i managed to restrain my gluttony under the watchful eyes of my dad.

More pictures for your viewing pleasure and if you are sharp enough; to check out the prices for some of the dishes. I did a mental calculation and feel that the pricing, while not being astronomical for Singapore's standard, was almost comparable to what i had earlier at Ruen Thai restaurant!

Notable differences are that i get to be served in a restaurant, there's shelter (and maybe a fan or two to cool us down), better seating and psychologically, a heavier emphasis on hygiene; latter of which would be a key consideration for me given my weak tummy.

The place might appear empty but it was because the day was still early and if you have been to Phuket, you would know that Bangla Street only comes alive when the sun sets.


Along Bangla Street,
Patong, Phuket Island, 

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