Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Restoran Ya Wang Roast Delights (including the signature herbal roasted duck) - 鸭皇药材烧腊大王 near City Square @ Johor Bahru [Malaysia]

I may be sick but so long i am not having a fever; my appetite is usually unaffected and i find it exceptionally hard to reject roasted delights like roast pork, char siew and roast duck!

Furthermore, Restoran Ya Wang was one legendary eatery i have heard for the longest time and even though i have had the fortune of kind family members who hauled back their signature herbal roasted duck to Singapore, it's never the same as eating the food served fresh from the kitchen.

The name might ring a bell among foodies (of which there is a great number in the little red dot) and for those still wondering / confused, Restaurant Ya Wang is in fact the original consultant for the 12-outlet Dian Xiao Er!

There was still 30 minutes to the official lunchtime but the place was already full. Please be assured that the place is air-conditioned and you would be able to dine in comfort, regardless how hot the outside might be.

Whiteboard filled with recommended dishes, signature roasted delights and sets! As there's only my sister and i, we were not able to enjoy the variety and hence, had to choose carefully to ensure we don't over order.

We were greedy though and requested for the 4 roasted delights combo for two persons that comprised of herbal roasted duck, roasted chicken, roast pork and char siew!

Let's talk about the most underwhelming among the four - roast chicken; dry without much of a flavour even though it was covered with a rather thin layer of nicely roasted chicken skin.

Roast pork (known as siew yoke among the Cantonese) was pretty good and featured a crispy, cackling bite that's not too salty. But, its standard is still not to the one at Sin Keong Kee (near Johor Premium Outlets).

Next up would be the signature herbal roasted duck for which we were served the most expensive part; the drumstick! Obviously the highlight, the meat was juicy and succulent although the skin could be crispier and the taste of herb, in my opinion, wasn't strong enough. I guess the ones with angelica herb or ten wonder herbs would be better but they were only available for order as one whole duck!

The surprise item on the 4-roast platter was the char siew. In the past, my favourite was the crystal char siew from You Kee but my recent experience at its KSL branch was a downright disappointment! The ones at Ya Wang were nicely caramelised yet didn't feel too sweet as they were sliced pretty thinly. In addition, they were flavourful and not as fatty as those found in You Kee nowadays.

Cleaned up the entire platter! The next time i visit, i would order a whole roasted duck (of either the angelica herb or ten wonder herbs) plus a serving of delicious char siew!


No. 28, Jalan Segget,
Johor Bahru 80000, Malaysia

07-224 8624 / 07-227 1633

As above.

Menu (for Roasted Delights)
As above.

4-Delights Platter for 2 Persons - RM 33

Additional Information
There's another branch known as Ah Yit Imperial that's located opposite Shoon Huat Bak Kut Teh. It's supposed to be more upscale but i thought the one at Jalan Segget is easier to get too for Singaporeans as it's within walking distance from the Malaysian checkpoint.


  1. Thanks for the review, the char siew looks juicy and tasty, may try it out next time I go JB

    1. Ya, i was so surprised as i thought their duck would be much more memorable. Nevertheless, glad i found this! :)