Thursday, March 22, 2018

Oku no Yu (奥の湯) - The Smaller Hot Spring Pond next to Oyunuma @ Noboribetsu [Hokkaido, Japan]

Following our visit to Hell Valley, we hiked across the primeval forest for about 15 minutes before reaching another area with steam rising from the ground.

A connecting drain that was dry. If it carries mineral rich thermal water, there's a chance you might find people attempting to soak their feet in it; provided the temperature is not scalding hot! 

Standing safely behind the wooden fence, let me present to you Oku no Yu (奥の湯); a hot spring pond that sounds like a miracle soup in the Japanese Kanji characters. 

Said to gush black sulfurous hot spring water, the water appeared much more welcoming with a light bluish hue. Take note though; "surface temperature ranges from 75°C to over 85°C." and in case you feel that that's manageable, i have tried 41°C hot spring and it's murderous! 

Never, ever attempt! 

As you can probably attest from the pictures, Oku no Yu is rather small and couldn't compare to the much bigger one that's right opposite it. More pictures on Oyunuma shall be shared in a separate post! 

To have a better idea on the walking trail we made on this day in the onsen town at Noboribetsu, click here.


Noboribetsu Onsencho, 
Noboribetsu 059-0551, 
Hokkaido, Japan

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