Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Authentic Kluang Rail Coffee (Original Outlet at Kluang Railway Station) in Kluang @ Johor [Malaysia]

I have never been much of a fan for Westernized coffee and prefer to have a traditional cup of kopi before i start my day; therefore, i am really looking forward to having my caffeine fix at Kluang Railway Coffee when i was at the small Malaysian town a month ago.

It's apparently very famous in the region and i can see that for real as the entire place was packed at about 8.20am when we arrived, with many people still waiting for a table!

The original section that's right beside the railway track where you can still hear the trains chugging in and out of Kluang train station. Sadly, we didn't hear the aforementioned as the train frequency wasn't very high and that's the reason why we chose to self-drive to Kluang instead.

Got a table when a group decided to leave; please wait for the order-taker to take down what you wish to have and after which, do check the receipt to ensure the orders were correct! Payment would be made after your meal.

Nasi Lemak - in normal circumstances, i would have either nasi lemak or toast but thanks to the many online reviews, i am aware that the serving for the nasi lemak would actually be quite little and hence, gamely asked for a pack.

Nothing luxurious hidden in the pack; just rice, peanuts and sambal chilli. Even though the rice was cold, you can't deny the richness of the coconut milk that enveloped each grain of rice. Chilli was the sweet and slightly spicy type i personally enjoyed. In summary, it's a small and simple appetizer to whet my appetite!

Kopi - there's a special aroma that didn't smell exceptionally strong yet unique enough for me to take a second sip immediately. If you ask me, the taste was not bad although not memorable enough for me to say it's the best coffee i have had so far.

Half Boiled Eggs - well, they were normal but i believe our half-boiled egg guru, Alex Chiu, would comment that they were too watery! 

Am i the only one who feels that we should have dark soya sauce instead of light soya sauce to go with half boiled eggs?

Bun - the name on the menu was too misleading as i would have assumed this would just be plain bun with nothing inside. Thankfully, i noticed it on many tables and requested the order-taker to add it in.

The bun was lightly toasted and flattened so you don't get the feeling that it's too thick. Kaya was rich and darker than the yellow, green type we see in Singapore and a thick slice of butter was placed in the middle to ensure a hearty, crusty and satisfying bite!

Toast - after the marvelous bun, i was expecting the toast to be out of extraordinary too! It's a pity that while the same kaya and butter were used, the disappointment couldn't have been greater.

Texture could have been crispier and i was under the impression that the toasts could have been left outside for too long and re-toasted only when a new order comes in.

Three of us almost cleaned up everything! Burp!


Stesen Keratapi,
86000 Kluang,
Johor, Malaysia

Google Map
You may refer to the google map above (that i generated) and check out the details under "breakfast @ Kluang rail coffee" under day two.


As above. The first one is only available in the afternoon.

Nasi Lemak - RM 2.40
Kopi - RM 1.80
Egg - RM 2.00 for two
Bun - RM 3.20
Toast - RM 3.20

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