Monday, January 01, 2018

Jakun Village - A Mini Village with Just One Resident @ UK Farm Resort [Kluang, Johor, Malaysia]

For the price of RM 47.70 per adult, i am not expecting a scale similar to Mari Mari Cultural Village at Kota Kinabalu when we dropped by Jakun Village; it's merely one of seven stops in the tour package! 

Hence, i was mildly surprised to find a small stage with spectator seating. Wow, i wouldn't have expected a show, to be totally honest. p.s. picture was taken after the show had ended. 

What really shocked me was when the show began.

There's only one performer and he was diligently dancing to the aboriginal music played via the speaker system. I thought there might be more from behind the wooden backdrop but there wasn't. 

I can't say if there's any element of authenticity since there's no narration. Such performances bore me after a while (no disrespect for the performer) and when they happen, i would look around to see if i could pick up any interesting thing. See that pinwheel like thingy? Spot the eight countries listed there! 

Holding a pipe, he continued his lonesome dance. 

It's only when he pointed it upwards when i realised that's no simple pole; it's a blowpipe! I looked up and there's the cluster of balloons at least about five floors high! 

Would he succeed in bursting at least one?! 

Of course he did; in fact, he managed to burst two of them, adding to the countless that he had already destroyed. Someone thought he would have to climb up to tie the balloons after every show. Maybe that's the case in the long past. Nowadays, he would just make use of the pulley system.

Want have an inkling of how the dance and the pipe blowing go? Click the video above.

Picture taking with the performer! Even though i didn't quite understand the link between the farm and the village, it provided for some entertainment in the hot afternoon.

Another highlight was the towering hut that was propped up with long, skinny wooden poles. Not exactly stable looking and i couldn't decide if i should climb up.

I always accept a dare! 

The hut was quite sturdy and even though we were about 4 floors high, i didn't get jelly legs. As you can probably see, my sister was the bravest among us siblings! 

Steep staircase which was fine when you climb up; to climb down, it's recommended to reverse exactly the same way you climb up, albeit down instead of up.

Frankly, i think this display was down; all i could see were gooey stuff in glass containers. The information sheets failed to provide the needed explanation. 

Cluster of stilted wooden houses that was devoid of any furnishing and a bigger pavilion with displays of wooden shields that you can take out to pose. 

Done with this stop and it's time to board the open-air, old-school bus! 


Within UK Farm Resort,
Kluang, Johor State, Malaysia

Google Map

Check out my google map (look for UK Farm under Day One) as above.

Admission Fees
Entry is complementary after you purchase the tour package. The basic package (RM 47.70 an adult) would bring you on a 2-3 hour bus journey with interesting stopovers comprising of animal feeding (with free feeds) and even a visit to a mock up Jakun village! 

To read more about our short two days, one night trip to Kluang, click here!


  1. Nice location for visit by family...

    1. it is! do prepare a handheld fan, and dress light!