Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Grilled Sausage Shaped Like a Lollipop @ Lake Hill Farm around Lake Toya [Hokkaido, Japan]

While online reviews and friends' recommendations pointed towards the amazing ice cream sold at the relaxing Lake Hill Farm, i would like you to look beyond the cottage and check out the outdoor stalls beside it.

Grilled meat fans will not need any direction as they would likely follow the enticing aroma to this Japanese gentleman with a hearty tummy! Limited selection as he only had sausages for sale!

Since normal sausage was too common, i pointed my finger at the coiled up sausage and given the language barrier, gave the universal signal for '1'.  A freshly grilled one was passed to me i was holding tightly to it like a kid with his precious lollipop!

First bite - the hot meaty juice squirted out and almost dirtied my jeans! Well seasoned with an incredible taste; the only bad part for health conscious individuals was how oily it was! For non-health conscious people (like i), it was so good; i actually took my time to slowly savour the meat.

Like the owner of the stall, i prescribed to the motto of 'no meat, no life'.


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Grilled Sausage - 360 Yen

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