Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Free, Public, Open Yet Sheltered Toron Foot Bath @ Lake Toya [Hokkaido, Japan]

I don't love the cold and have no plan for a winter trip as i hate bundling up like a dumpling when i am outdoor and have to endure the heated frustration when i step into a building with a radiator.

It wasn't that snowy cold when i was at Lake Toya in August but the chill had set in and i noted from the map that there's an outdoor foot bath that visitors can soak for free! Keyword - free. 

The structure didn't particularly stand out and looked like a longish pavilion from afar. Nevertheless, my feet were excited as they would love to get away from the night-time temperature drop.

Ahhhhh........ the temperature was just right; condition was murky although i am assuming the spring water was mineral rich rather than dirty. Best of all, no one to share the bath with me! 

Iconic dragon acted as the centerpiece for the sheltered foot bath and was also the source of the spring water. As it was night time, i honestly didn't do justice to the area with my lousy camera skill.

Even though there's no gate / door, i noticed the board listing operating hours. Those traveling to Lake Toya in winter would be pleased to know that it's also open from 10am till 4pm! 


Location Map
Refer to town map brochure as above and look out for Toron foot bath along the promenade. p.s. i didn't resize the map; hence, please save and download as a copy for reference. 

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