Sunday, October 12, 2014

NOM Bistro Bakery Cafe & its Signature Rainbow Cake @ Macpherson Community Club [Near Circuit Road]

A fellow colleague was gushing to me one day about an absolutely marvelicious rainbow cake at this cafe known as NOM. I was totally expecting it to be a cafe themed after the ultra adorable character in "Cut The Rope".

Featuring both indoor and outdoor seating, i couldn't have been more wrong. NOM is actually an abbreviation for No Other Meaning! How cool is that sia?! It is humble sounding yet impactful; doubt i would ever forget its name. 

Anyway, it was my second visit on Friday evening. The first time i dropped by on a weekend afternoon, we were seated only to find out that the last slice of rainbow cake was already reserved for another patron! :( 

With their signature rainbow colour adding to the vibrancy of the cafe, the decor of the cafe was overwhelmingly plain. And white. Very young kids would be pleased to know there is a teeny weeny playground right inside the cafe. 

Vanilla Pops with Toffee Nut
This was terribly addictive and in my opinion, similar to a refreshing glass of melted vanilla ice cream with just the right amount of nutty essence! Rest assured that it was watered down and wasn't as sweet as melting your own ice cream at home. 

Yuzu Pear Blossom Tea
From Gryphon Tea Company, this was the most expensive beverage we paid that day. Flavour wise, more yuzu than pear and didn't come by as exceptionally memorable unlike its Tomatino and Azteca D'oro.

Chocolate Rainbow Cake
Finally, it's time for the star! I think we took the last slice although i have to add that we were one of its last customers at close to 10am. 

Of course, for something so pretty, it's hard not to have everyone take dozens of photographs for uploads to social media. Honestly, social media has contributed to turnaround time for customers in dining establishments.

On the chocolate rainbow cake, it was definitely much better than the one i had at W39 Bakery and Cafe; at the very least, it was moist, helped by the thick chocolate coating on and between each colourful layer.

As a sponge cake, i thought the flavour was nice but still lacked that additional oomph to impress me further. The taste was also quite similar to the chocolate sponge cake we sometimes see at the Malay stall in pasar malams. 


400, Paya Lebar Way,
#01-02/03/03, Macpherson Community Club

Opening Hours
11am to 11pm

Must Try!
As above

Food Menu
As above. Right click and save as for the full resolution image.

Vanilla Pops with Toffee Nut - S$4.90
Yuzu Pear Blossom Tea - S$6.90
Chocolate Rainbow Cake - S$7.90
[No GST & Service Charge]

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