Monday, October 06, 2014

My 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary in Bangkok [Thailand] 2014 - Too Short &Hectic a Trip!

For any journey that involves taking an airplane, i have always maintained a minimal of five days stay in order to make full use of the more expensive air ticket! 

The rule wasn't broken until i embarked on a recent trip to Thailand that lasted only three days! :( Well, i shouldn't be complaining since the trip was sponsored by a personal friend (you know who you are; thank you so much)! 

With only about 550 photographs, i was initially not too very motivated to create this itinerary entry, especially when i had been to Bangkok countless times! Looking back however, i didn't have a single day-to-day travelogue and that's an injustice for the country i have grown to love! So here goes! 

Day One (04 September 2014)
[11.13 am Singapore Time] Departed from Changi Airport Terminal 1; there was a slight delay to the Airasia flight which was supposed to leave at 10.55 am.

I requested nicely from Alex to swap his window seat with me so that i can have a better view of being high up in the sky, surrounded by white clouds that reminded me so much of cotton candy!

Despite my fear for height, taking a plane has never been very stressful and i would definitely ask for a window seat if i could, even if there is a chance the view could be obstructed by the engine and wing. 

To me, it's way better to see the outside than the inside where passengers are likely to be catching up on sleep, reading a book or playing games / watching movies on their mobile devices.

At times, i could even spot impressive structures like the above! Departing from traditional Thai temple architecture, the controversial Wat Phra Dhammakaya is the "largest temple in Thailand in terms of inhabitants"!

[12.20 pm Thailand Time] Arrived on time at Don Mueang International Airport! I might have been to Bangkok numerous times but this was the first time i am entering the land of the smiles through the old airport.

After clearing migration, it's time to take a cab to our hotel in downtown Bangkok! Note: there is a taxi queue (with a 50 baht surcharge) to the left side of the building when you step out. Don't be misled by those people manning the supposedly "tourist" counters who would quote you an exorbitant price to take their "taxis"!

[2.10 pm] Traffic, as usual, was nasty and coupled with a driver who wasn't familiar with our hotel, we only managed to reach P2 Boutique Hotel after almost an hour on the road! For my review on the hotel, click here

[3.00 pm] Not wanting to waste any more time, we ventured out to our first destination in Bangkok shortly after checking in to the hotel; Platinum Fashion Mall! Lunch was a disappointing meal at Fuji Japanese Restaurant on level six of the popular shopping centre. Do click the links for the details.

[7.00 pm] On our way to Chit Lom BTS station and strolled past the famous Erawan Shrine. No time to drop by for even a short visit as we were going to a riverside mall which i have yet to patronise.

[8.13 pm] Took a train, walked a bit, took the shuttle boat and we finally reached Asiatique The Riverfront! For more details on this slightly upmarket and organised pasar malam, click here. Dinner was fulfilled at Kamlangsib Fried Chicken Rice! It was close to 10 pm when we decided to take a cab back to the hotel. 

Day Two (05 September 2014)
[10.05 am] Woke up, showered, had my breakfast, took a dump and it's time to get out of the hotel! The power lines in Bangkok never fail to fascinate me; there were just so many of them! 

Chanced upon a homeless man sleeping on the bridge. Everyone of us has a story and i wonder what it would be for this man... 

This dog was so chubby!!!! I almost wanted to run my hands over its tummy just to gauge the extent of its overweight condition! 

[10.29 pm] Finally, Erawan Shrine

[10.44 pm] Brought my friends to the humongous Centralworld. Anyone still remembers the violent protest a few years ago when half the mall was burnt down?

Toy dogs are allowed into the shopping centre, provided you have a pet pram (if i understand the notice accurately). Who the hell would bring a cart (i am thinking it would be made of wood) with a dog?!

[1.20 pm] At Soi Sukhumvit 53 Sukhumvit Road where i would be checking out a very special cafe.

 A designated no dog pooping / peeing zone! When a dog has to go, you have no choice but to see it go! It would make more logical sense to either have "no dog is allowed along this road" or "clean up after your pet"! 

Something is lacking at this signage; the word "jiao" after "bolan". Wahahahaha, By the way, the complete word is a Hokkien vulgarity, so don't anyhow ask your fellow Chinese friends okay!? 

[1.30 pm] Awwwwww.... the unique Purr Cat Cafe! Click here for the details of this cat themed cafe and be prepared to be overwhelmed by loads of pics on the adorable felines! 

A few doors away from the cat cafe was a dwelling with an unkempt yet super friendly shihtzu! 

Although there was a difference in fur colour, it reminded me so much of my old dog, Rubee, who was always very excited to see humans! 

Right turn to "Little Beast"? Huh? Anyway, we decided to take a cab after leaving the cafe as we would be meeting up with a few friends to Yaowarat; Chinatown of Bangkok! 

Terrible traffic! It was only six BTS stations away yet it took us close to an hour to reach Platinum mall, where we had arranged to meet up! 

[5.30 pm] Arrived at T&K Seafood in Chinatown after an exciting Tuk Tuk ride! 

Unlike previous visits, i wasn't satisfied with what i had except for maybe the tomyam soup. Flavour was lacking in the fried rice, sharks fin soup, and even the fried squid (i had better ones at Taste of Thailand for the latter). Fish was fresh though. Maybe i should give the red-shirts a chance in my next visit. 

[7.40 pm] After purchasing a few packs of kau sai (a delicacy made of pork floss), we thought of checking out Chatuchak market which was said to be open for business on Friday evenings. Kenna cheated lor (very limited stalls were open and even so, it was more in preparation for the weekend the next day). We could have explored the wrong section as i noticed this was the "newer" region. 

[8.20 pm] Took the tuk tuk to Centralworld (ya, our second time that day) where we had fun taking photographs with the artwork and shopping at the supermarket before retiring for the night! 

Day Three (06 September 2014)
[9.00 am] Arrival: Mo Chit BTS. Purpose: Short battle at Chatuchak Weekend Market! For an updated entry of the market (including a map with higher resolution), click here

Adventurous? You can consider having your meal at these road side stalls with vegetables piled up highly for your consumption! Frankly, this doesn't seem hygienic at all!

Picture of a tuk tuk! Can you imagine we manage to squeeze five persons into such a small space the day before? It's not just a one-off incident; five of us endured three separate journeys in one tuk tuk on the same day! 

[12 noon] Went back to Platinum Mall to get some stuff for mom when i noticed these vending machines outside the washroom. Sanitary pads, tissue papers... There was a dispenser for pregnancy kits?! 

[12.30 pm] Got back to the hotel to wait for our taxi to pick us up. Right beside P2 Boutique Hotel is a local foodstuff outlet where you can do some last minute shopping for "kau sai"! 

Starting pouring on our way to the airport. 

[2.25 pm] Reached Don Mueang International Airport. I could not quite remember how much we paid in total but it should hover around the range of 650 baht, inclusive of highway toll.

I was famished and was worried i could not get much options! Please be assured there are quite a few places you can dine at the department area; Fuji Japanese Restaurant, MacDonald's, a shop with a concept similar to Nando's, and Krispy Kreme! 

[4.19 pm] Last call was made over the PA system and we made a mad dash for the shuttle bus which would bring us to the plane! 

Since we were the last few to board, we were the first few to enter the plane when the Airasia bus opened its doors! I actually prefer to enter without the aerobridge, so long the weather is good! 

[4.38pm] Lifted off seven minutes before the official departure timing of 4.45pm! Stormy weather for Bangkok that day! Notice the pockets of sunlight? 

- The End - 


  1. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Hi, i was going thru your blog & noticed that u mentioned abt going to chatuchak on a friday evening and is apparently closed ..... though is stated that they are open on their web page...

    1. Yup! That's e reason why i even bothered travelling to chatuchak from chinatown! Even the tuk tuk driver told us it would be closed! :( Having said that, we were at the newer section and i am unsure about the older, original section of the market.

  2. Bankok is a Amazing Place for visiting, I hope you enjoyed your three days and two night there... Thanks for sharing these amazing pics with us...

    1. Most welcome! I never quite get sick of Bangkok actually. lol.